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Topic: Phillip & Henry
Message: Posted by: Comedy Writer (May 17, 2019 12:24PM)
So...They send a note...for tonight. Are you available for a show in ( 4 hours distant town).
No budget and...no response when I emailed back.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (May 17, 2019 03:22PM)
That probably means they got somebody already
Message: Posted by: Nickoli Sharpe (May 19, 2019 09:42AM)
The reason you get those emails is that it is computer generated.

I spoke with them in detail about that as well as how much they pay.
Talking to them about money is like pulling teeth.

Never have worked for them and most likely never would.

Just my 2 cents
Message: Posted by: John Martin (May 28, 2019 08:02AM)
I can't understand WHY anyone would still want to work for these crooks!! The fact that they are still in business is a testament to the old adage "a sucker is born every minute". That's goes for both magicians and clients. They broker for the lowest possible fees from the magicians with virtually no quality control of the product the sell. It's all a numbers game for them. Any self respecting performer wouldn't prostitute themselves by accepting work from Philip and Henry.... although having said that I do know of ONE full time pro who justifies taking gigs from them by saying it's better than sitting at home. 😂

Message: Posted by: Mindpro (May 28, 2019 09:14AM)
That's one way of looking at it. Truth be told they exist because of a business model they have created that works due to the understanding and mindset of how many magicians work, combined with playing off of the knowledge that most people (consumers) do not know how to shop for entertainment. They utilize these two elements to their distinct advantage.

Once you understand these aspects, it is easier to understand and makes much more sense.
Message: Posted by: John Martin (May 30, 2019 12:02PM)
I agree completely. However not the best model for the consumer who most likely won't get the best product or for the magician won't be compensated adequately.This model at the base, seems to be just GTFM (Get the money)
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (May 30, 2019 12:30PM)
Absolutely so true. It is what many call a "one and done" business model that is not reliant on happy, satisfied customers coming back for continuous return bookings, but a rather a system where they promote highly on having a large amount of talent in many locations which allows them to offer very attractive pricing to get the bookings.

I remember years ago there was a company here in the U.S. that proclaimed "we'll paint any car for $99!" This was their USP as well as their business model. Of course they never wanted, expected or relied on return business as it too was a one and done business model bit they promoted heavily, paid their employees minimum wage and ran an operation based on volume, one and done business, knowing most of their target market was attracted based on price, convenience, and quick-results - not quality.

I know some wedding businesses that still operate on this premise today.

The sad thing is there always seems to be plenty of magicians who have no value in themselves or services that are willing to work these events at these prices within this business model. Not saying it is a bad thing, just that it exists as a fact.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (May 30, 2019 04:04PM)
Well ol Earl Scheib did have a pretty good business model. Maybe not a traditional one but when you think of people who he was looking to recruit to have his service he had LOTS of repeat customers.

No he did not offer the best quality paint jobs, and was even criticized for not having factory colors. (Which he maintained Ford and GM would not let him paint.) BUT when he was done with the car it was good enough. If you had a car that was not showroom new and you wanted a fresh color on it he did it cheaper than anywhere else. (Two tone cost more.) There are LOTS of customers out there with old cars that they want painted new so it was the market he chose to go after.

Yep attracted to base price, and convenience. Not quality. It IS a business model that you can make money with! Very good point.
Message: Posted by: Neznarf (Jun 1, 2019 11:21AM)
As long as you get your price.

Stick to your guns. As they say.

First time I did something for them I thought it was a B'day so I gave my B'day price

But turned out it was a Summer Camp Show. My fault for not getting better details.

Anyway, I did the Camp Show for a B'day price and the customer gave great feedback.

P&H still try to beat me up on the price every time.