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Topic: T-shirts for magicians
Message: Posted by: Hector (May 25, 2019 04:24AM)

I just would like to share this link with you guys, thought you'd be interested ;) Many designs just for magicians. I got some myself and they are very nice.


All the best!
Message: Posted by: bluejay17! (Jul 30, 2019 07:56AM)
This is amazing. Everyone needs to loose the suit and top hand and get one of these!
Message: Posted by: Jonmaddgician (Apr 2, 2020 11:52PM)
Thanks for that hot link!

Also, no thanks to you for my bank account... =P
Message: Posted by: Luke Wolf (Jul 11, 2020 05:00AM)
I really wonder about the benefit of a printed t-shirt over a plain one... I guess it depends on your audience and your type of presentation, but I don't think I'ver ever witnessed a performer (magician or otherwise) with anything else than a plain t-shirt or shirt....