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Topic: Live on Kickstarter: TRIANGLE PLAYING CARDS (final day!)
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Jun 6, 2019 07:17PM)
[b]Triangle Playing Cards (Kickstarter)[/b]



Cost: ~US$10 per deck (includes free US shipping)
Current funding level: over 100% (fully funded)
Kickstarter ends: Fri, June 7, 2019

Billed as a fun new way to play cards or do card magic, this is the Triangle deck from Home Run Games. Unlike the normal rectangular shaped cards we are used to, this unusual deck features unique playing cards that are triangular in shape.


Several different decks are being produced, including a Standard Blue deck and a Limited Black and Gold deck, with a numbered stamp seal and a synthetic luxury tuck case. The playing cards themselves will be printed with German casino grade black core paper with a linen finish. Other extras that are part of this project include uncut sheets and novelty triangle dealer coins.

The publisher, Home Run Games, is an experienced creator of custom playing cards, having produced over 50 different decks of playing cards, many with the help of crowd-funding on Kickstarter. They are especially well-known and respected for the multiple restoration decks they have published, which have been praised for their beauty and quality.


Here is where you will find this creative project:

[b][url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1500444958/triangle-playing-cards]Kickstarter: Triangle Playing Cards (final day!)[/url][/b]