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Topic: Help crediting Card Move
Message: Posted by: Arthur T (Jun 20, 2019 11:25AM)
Hello everyone,

Im currently filming a mentalism card routine in which I use a peek but have no idea who created it. I need help crediting the move, Ill explain it below

You dribble the cards from your upper right hand to your left hand, the spectator shouts stop. You secretly glimpse the lower card of the upper packet by slightly orientating the left index towards yourself.

I think I first saw the move on James Brown 'fancy a pot of Jam' which I no longer own. If anyone has any ideas please let me know
Message: Posted by: ThomasJ (Jul 24, 2019 01:28PM)
Message: Posted by: Arthur T (Jul 24, 2019 01:33PM)
Thank you, finally I have some answers! Although that isn't strictly what I was looking for it is close enough!