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Topic: Name of a gag wand in a youtube-video?
Message: Posted by: Daniel Ulzen (Jun 23, 2019 11:18PM)
Does anybody now the name of the gag-wand that can be seen at 3 min 19 seconds in the following video?


Thanx in advance!
Message: Posted by: Jef Eaton (Jun 24, 2019 03:25PM)
It is a Supreme item created by Ian Adair. No longer in production. I believe it was called Bigga Wand where you held the can part covered in black material with a white end and let some of the spring out the top to look like a wand above and below your hand. The difference in circumference was noticable. You them let a little bit of the spring out at a time to make the wand grow to it's appprox 6 ft length. I have one somewhere but don't regularly use it. I have seen them listed once in a while on another site. I hope that helps..
Message: Posted by: Daniel Ulzen (Jun 24, 2019 09:57PM)
Thanx Jef, very interesting.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Jun 25, 2019 09:25AM)
I think that Jef gave the right answer.

Not exactly the same, but somewhat the same, there's a newer item called a Spring Snake Wand (or Wand to Spring Snake). There's also a variation of it, where instead of a spring snake, it's a spring wand. So, it visually changes from a shorter wand to a larger wand.

Here's one link to the wand version of that prop:


This is what the snake version of that looks like:


Here's a video of the gag / prop:


- Donald