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Topic: Chris Rawlins Workshop at MagicWorld HQ in UK
Message: Posted by: magicant (Jul 2, 2019 02:43AM)
Hey guys...

We have a Chris Rawlins Workshop happening on the 4th July 2019 7pm-10pm at MagicWorld.co.uk offices in Manchester UK.

If you would like to book there are still a couple of tickets available. You can get these here:


Heres the bio - any questions just pm.

Chris Rawlins Private Workshop Thur 4th July 2019 7-10pm

Location: MagicWorld Magic Shop - 342 Wellington Road North, Stockport, SK4 5DA

Expect 3 hours of small group tuition teaching some inside secrets of mentalism and performing.

Chris Rawlins is a 29-year-old Mind Reader and Memory Performer, based in Manchester, England. Performing professionally since leaving university, Chrisís approach to performing is no nonsense, direct and reliable. So far throughout his career as a performer Chris has spoken at The Session Convention, The Event, given a Penguin Live lecture, and two At The Table lectures. He has also featured in Magic and Genii magazines and released various books, manuscripts and effects to the community. His work is always very well received and highly praised. Outside of the magic world Chris earns his living performing for private and corporate clients, he is not only renowned for his surprising and remarkable demonstrations but also his very unique and charismatic character.

This workshop has something for everyone, you will learn reliable, tested and workable material that Chris has performed countless of times in the real world.

OCP- to start of the workshop one attendee will be invited to play a game with Chris, a card routine with a kicker ending, where the spectator truly cuts and shuffles the entire deck.
Chris will teach his approach to the stage drawing duplication and show you how you can apply this in ways never tipped before, that allow you to create the impression that you can know thought of images from audience members that they never physically draw, finishing with a perfect duplication of spectators physical drawing.
Chris will share his Classified Drawing Duplication a workhorse approach that allows you full access to a drawn thought. This alone sells for over three times the price of admission!
Learn how to duplicate a drawing with any two envelopes and a single index card.
Learn how to reveal a thought of name in a playful and unique way.
You will learn how to memorise a complete and shuffled deck of cards in an engaging, very real feeling demonstration of memory.All the material in the workshop is taught will full crediting and in great depth in a way that is entertaining and engaging.
"Chris is the real deal. Original presentations that will grab your audiences and not let go. Highly recommended."

Bob Cassidy

"Iím a fan of Chris Rawlins, he knows how to create amazement and on this DVD he will inspire you to do the same!"

Marc Paul

Suitable for beginners to intermediates of magic but with a recommended age of 12 and above.