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Topic: What are Nick Trost's best self-working tricks?
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Jul 3, 2019 08:35PM)
I love the cleverness and subtlety of Nick Trost's card magic. Has he produced any self-workers, and if so, what would be considered his very best?
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Jul 3, 2019 09:43PM)
Has he?

For real?
Nick Trost could be the self working king!

With all due respect, how do you claim to admire his subtlety and cleverness and not know if he has published any self workers?
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Jul 3, 2019 11:19PM)
My experience with Trost has mainly been with his clever packet tricks, especially his marketed effects with custom gaffs, like "The Unknown Card" [[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov2fE9aBa8E]performance clip[/url]] and "Bigfoot" [[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1HYsng_hrY]performance clip[/url]]. These obviously can't be performed with a regular deck, and do require some small sleights.

I also love his brilliant packet trick "8 Card Brainwave" [[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtQUf8Fia8U]performance clip[/url]], which isn't quite self-working either (due to the fl*****ation c***t).

So I've had enough experience with his work to know that he can accomplish a lot with psychology and cleverness, and very little in the way of sleights; I've also read enough commentary about his style from others to know that. But I wouldn't be able to name self-working tricks he's created, and I'm interested to find out what would be his best ones in his books.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Jul 3, 2019 11:34PM)
Fair enough. Here's an interesting plot of his.
Message: Posted by: KokoB (Aug 20, 2019 07:19AM)
This is a hard question he is by far my favorite packet trick & self working king. Get his books & ask this question again I promise you will be lost like I am on what is his best.
Message: Posted by: mlippo (Aug 20, 2019 10:40AM)

I reiterate my recommendations to you: Technicolour Change, his 18 card poker deal, Automatic Speller (which unfortunately doesn't work in Italian) are all great tricks from "The Card Magic of Nick Trost" book.

Message: Posted by: The Darkness (Aug 20, 2019 10:04PM)
Double Discovery from <i>The Card Magic of Nick Trost</i>

It's a strong self-working card trick but doing a couple of false shuffles and cuts would make this stronger.
Message: Posted by: mtstic44 (Sep 11, 2019 06:07PM)
I love his "Lie Detector" effect. Totally selfworking. But all his stuff is good.
Message: Posted by: KokoB (Jan 8, 2020 06:49AM)
I don't have a favorite because he was the king of packet tricks & most are for workers & are used still today