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Topic: Shell Game - Bottom Ridge Sequences
Message: Posted by: Scott Horn (Jul 26, 2019 10:33AM)
I recently attended a lecture from Glenn Morphew and decided to jump into the 3 Shell Game. For starters, I'm learning from 2 videos: 3 Shell Bootcamp and The Scoundrels Touch. I got a bit ahead of myself and got 2 sets of shells from 3Shells.com. First off, the quality is fantastic, and Al is a great guy and provides excellent customer service.

One of the sets has the Bottom Ridge feature, which is great to add in some "throw off's." Al provides handling info, but no "routines," and unfortunately I'm not particularly inventive ...

Has anyone created / published any routines or sequences that specifically leverage the Bottom Ridge feature ?
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (Aug 2, 2019 03:16PM)

You can do any routine with the Bottom Ridge type shells that can be done with Classic type shells.

The main difference is you have full control of the pea and are never forced to take the pea when the shell is moved with the pea.

You are able to set up the con for the player to believe they have a chance at winning because you are able to display the game as a fair game.

But once you have the player following the shell you want them to follow you can steal the pea after you just showed the shell with the pea.

Then the other two shells can be picked up to show they are empty and the pea is loaded into one of the shells just shown to be empty.

The nice thing now is all the shells can even be moved again very fairly with the pea in a different shell.

The best part is everything can be examined without switching anything out. This is because they are fair working shells. Only the shell operator is unfair.
Message: Posted by: Max T. Oz (Aug 6, 2019 04:21PM)
Ditto, exactly everything that Al said.

I have 2 sets of Al's Colossal Shells, one regular set and one Bottom Ridged set. I use both depending on what I intend to do.

I personally love the Bottom Ridged Shells. For me, it opens up possibilities that I use to the Max.
The following is just 3 sequences I shot sometime ago.
Not exactly as I would use in play but you get the idea.


In Sequence 1, the steal is done at 9 to 10 second mark. This is one of the ways I like to steal the pea.
Sequence 2 is a bit of a Sucker move for magicians. I start with one pea, end with one pea....but have another in play during. :-)
In both Seq 1 & 2, I load the pea and can continue moving the shells any which way....without the pea exiting.
Sequence 3 is pretty devious as I'm using the Bottom Ridge Shell to compliment something else.

Scott, the more you play with the Ridge Shells, the more you'll like them.
Message: Posted by: Scott Horn (Aug 6, 2019 04:27PM)
Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for... just a couple of examples leveraging the Bottom Ridge potential !!!
Message: Posted by: Lundonia (Sep 14, 2019 04:12PM)
Is it possible to see that clip again?
Message: Posted by: Magic1 (Sep 19, 2019 07:34PM)
I’d love to see it too, but it’s set to “private” now. I’d love it if Mr, T would make it “unlisted” instead.

Is there any other video to see 3shells shells in action?

Message: Posted by: iamslow (Nov 13, 2019 10:45PM)
I don't know if this helps, but heres a video using the bottom ridge shells... I just ordered a set from Al, and I can wait to try it out and come up with some moves of my own... theres so many on the site and I wish I had the $$$ to order all of them...