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Topic: TeleFoto problems
Message: Posted by: gadir (Jul 28, 2019 07:42PM)
I bought TeleFoto and there are a few issues with it. First of all,the url in the app that is given is 22p.co/xxxxx-x.When I then go to the the webpage http://tele-foto.appspot.com/ and login the URL for each of the albums begin with para.ms/fo/xxxx-x. Why this discrepancy on the webpage and the app?When I go to the "para.ms" url it does not exist.

Regarding the URL that is given in the app (22p.co/xxxx-x,this does work on most divices that I tried it on except for Samsung Galzxy 10 and 10 plus. On these two phones I get to the webpage but the album never loads.

I did send Greg an email last week, but he didn't respond yet. Any ideas? Is this a common issue?

Message: Posted by: Nikita (Aug 26, 2019 11:20AM)
All I can say - Rostami will never answer. It's the worst customer service.
SupaThump app stopped to work with no explanation for example.
As to TeleFoto - yes, album's loading is not great. Also you can't integrate it into your website cause it uses http protocol instead of https. And so become blocked as dangerous.