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Topic: Best trick for twins
Message: Posted by: StreetWitch (Jul 30, 2019 01:56PM)
What is the best stage trick for twins? I would like to make one vanish and then the other reappear. Also if you have advice on using body doubles that are not twins please share!
Message: Posted by: Ray Pierce (Jul 30, 2019 06:56PM)
Many transpositions can be aided with twins, but you have to be really careful of being "Too Perfect" when using them. That alone seems to be the weakest link as many people automatically assume we're using twins even when we're not!
Message: Posted by: StreetWitch (Jul 30, 2019 10:30PM)
Could you suggest one (or maybe some)? The only illusion I own is a mirror box about the size of a TV, and my linking rings if that counts. Maybe I just need to connect with a builder, idk.
Message: Posted by: jeffl (Jul 31, 2019 12:57AM)
There was an illusionist towards the end of the latest "Penn and Teller - Fool Us" (if your cable system is like mine you can watch the show on demand), I can't be sure because of possible video cuts but it looked like it was twins to me. There was someone in a giant panda suit playing as a DJ and the only obvious girl got into the illusion (it wasn't a mirror box but "it could have been") and essentially disappeared, when she reappeared the girl and the panda had changed places so it just seems like there was a second suit inside the box and the other girl ditched hers. I wasn't terribly impressed but the audience seemed to like it and maybe the whole point is the concept itself might be worth your own elaboration. (And if I "misread" the effect I will stand corrected when someone else explains what was really going on.) By the way "the boys" weren't fooled either.
Message: Posted by: Irish_matt (Aug 3, 2019 01:16PM)
That was Josh Farley. Due to camera edits, you never got to see how the DJ became the girl in the red dress, I'm guessing she just ducked down behind the table. I don't think they were twins. The second girl looked to be taller than the first girl and her hair color was different.

StreetWitch, you might want to consider a routine like Head Off, or head mover. The use of twins would be very effective.
Message: Posted by: jeffl (Aug 4, 2019 12:08AM)
Could be they weren't identical, on my system when you watch "on demand" they disable the fast forward button (to force you to watch all the ads again) and since he was on towards the end of the show it wasn't worth watching for another 45 minutes just to dope it all out because it's not really relevant one way or the other, if he got away with NOT using twins clearly he would have fooled a few more people if he had. I mean how tall is someone REALLY when they're in a panda suit anyway??
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Aug 18, 2019 09:02AM)
I have never ran across any published illusion plans that requires twins. I would imagine that sales would not be very good for such plans.

Your question does make one wonder, are all the illusions that have used twins only been thought up by the magician. Many transposition illusions would just be to clean looking to think of any other way for creating the illusion effect on the audience. Ray Pierce has a point.

Then you have to take into account, does anyone in your area know that you have access to twins. Kind of kills the illusion, if the whole city knows you very well. The real secret is keeping the secret that there are twins that you have or know. Watch the movie "The Prestige" to get an idea of what it may take to hide twins.
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Aug 18, 2019 05:18PM)
All you need is two crystal caskets. I friend did this a few years ago and it really went over well. Make sure the vanished person loses a shoe, and the reappearing person is only wearing one shoe!!
Message: Posted by: top_illusionist (Aug 18, 2019 09:52PM)
How about having the first twin disappear from a Tabouret and then the 2nd twin appears across the stage from a Blammo Box ..

Tabouret >> https://hamiltonholtinc.stores.yahoo.net/tabouret.html

Blammo Box >> https://hamiltonholtinc.stores.yahoo.net/blammobox.html