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Topic: What is in your collection?
Message: Posted by: knightmagic98 (Jul 20, 2002 08:46PM)
Mine is quite small...
I have a first edition "Secrets of Houdini."
A second edition, signed "Bobo's Modern Coin Magic", a Houdini autograph, and a ton of Andre Kole/Robert Gurtler items. I am currently in talks to get a couple of George posters...what does everyone else have?

BTW...anybody have Kole/Gurtler items?
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jul 21, 2002 04:53PM)
I have an autographed Slydini book (autographed to Sidney Marshall), an autographed Dai Vernon Book of Magic, that is signed twice. One of the autographs is to Stanley Jaks. It's also signed to Jaks by Harry Stanley (publisher). There's a hand-written letter from Vernon to a friend of mine typed into the book. Lots of autographed books in the 2000 book collection. I also have a few Anverdi items (one extrememly rare)and a matching set of leather dice cups from Pressley Guitar. One's a chop cup with magnetic die. More stuff in my collection than my wife cares to discuss...at least until I'm dead and she starts selling the items. Maybe I will take it all with me. I'll be buried in my 1940 Abbott's Canvas Covered Box illusion...heh heh.

Steve Thomas
Message: Posted by: Kardenni (Aug 6, 2002 12:45AM)
I have Lance Burton's autograph!
First Edition of the Resturant Workers Handbook signed by Jim Pace.

Those are pretty significant to me.
Message: Posted by: knightmagic98 (Aug 9, 2002 12:34PM)
I just got two George posters!!!!
Message: Posted by: Rodney Massey (Sep 30, 2002 08:02PM)
I have Norm Houghton's copy of Greater Magic - sixth impression, Revised edition
Message: Posted by: guido (Oct 15, 2002 10:41AM)
I have 2 of Albert Goshman lecture notes with his signatures from the 1960's.
Message: Posted by: Jeff Hinchliffe (Oct 15, 2002 09:26PM)
My collection is still rather small also...

I have a 1st Edition of THE DAI VERNON BOOK OF MAGIC autographed, and a 1st Edition of THE CARD MAGIC OF LePAUL autographed.
I have a 1st Edition of LEARNED PIGS AND FIREPROOFED WOMEN autographed by it's author, Ricky Jay. The autograph is actually to Ed Bruce, who was a prominent Toronto magician for some time. I got the book in an auction.
I have a 1st edition of Sir Walter Scott's LETTERS ON DEMONOLOGY AND WITCHCRAFT, it's not magic, but quite an interesting read. BTW, all of the above books were purchased from Tom Ransom, as I am only 19 and therefore could not have gotten these autographs personally, unfortunately.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Oct 24, 2002 05:52AM)
Also have an original Stull Watch with instructions, and a very recent addition, "Cards as Weapons", first edition, hardback. Got a great bargain on that one!

Steve Thomas
Message: Posted by: ABalcom (Oct 29, 2002 03:22PM)
Small book collection:
500+ current & antiquarian books dating back to the 1700's.

Magazine / Manuscript Collection:
1000+ titles.

Table Collection:
Several dozen various antique Thayer, Owens, Abbott's, etc. tables.

Poster Collection:
Every Abbott's Get Together poster.
Large assortment of posters dating back to the early 1900's.

Promotional Photo Collection:
Too many to begin listing.

I have most from all current "names" in magic, as well as signatures from Houdini, Blackstone (Sr. & Jr.), Henning, etc.

Lots of small apparatus parlor apparatus, as well as antique stage illusions.

I like to keep my collection as diversified as possible, and am always looking to add new, but most importantly, unqiue items to it.

With respect,
Aaron Balcom
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (Nov 2, 2002 11:41PM)
I have a lot of things.

I have a letter from OKITO, and some of his possessions that David Copperfield WISHED he had.

One of my favourite things is the trade I did with Uncle Harry [Blackstone,Jr] a year before he passed away. He asked me to find him another copy of a piece of sheet music for him, and I said I would if he sent me his broadway poster autographed. So there you have it. . . I still can't believe he is gone.

I have almost 30 years complete tops magazines. Lots of Dante programs and sorts.

Hmm, I must think of what else I have. . .
Message: Posted by: Rodney Massey (Nov 13, 2002 09:41PM)
Hey Jeff, I have Purchased books from Tom Ransom many times but have lost touch with him. Could you send me a message with some info as to how I can contact him again?
Message: Posted by: filmyak (Nov 19, 2002 01:15AM)
I was lucky enough to be picked out of the audience to "assist" in a Penn and Teller show. The deck of cards they had me use was backed with a naked woman. When the trick was over, they let me keep one of the cards and I had them both sign it after the show. It may not be old, but it's a great keepsake! :pepper:
Message: Posted by: Presley Guitar (Dec 7, 2002 11:40PM)
I'm Pressley Guitar and hope you are enjoying the leather dice cups. Most of my leather dice cups were maDde in the early 70's. I also made the whip cup and chop chop cups around the same time period. I'll be checking in from time to time and would like to communicate on this forum. PG
Message: Posted by: martini (Dec 8, 2002 07:30PM)
Greetings Presley, I have some of your coins from way back and they are still the best in the business. Are you still making gimmicked coins and if so what is currently available?
It's always good to see or hear from old friends again, you'll find the Café is great for that.
Message: Posted by: jcards01 (Dec 19, 2002 03:20PM)
Been collecting books since the early to mid-sixties. Interest is in cards. Have over 400 books, just card related.
Was lucky enough to know Ed Marlo and have an abundance of 1st copies of his stuff. Including Marlo Magazine, Vol 2 or 3, copy #1. Have some 1st editions of the Hugard & Braue classics.

Jim Molinari
Message: Posted by: DRPEPPER (Mar 15, 2003 12:59PM)
I collect items that are strange and weird for the oddities museum which I own. The more bizarre and weird, the better. I have a real two-headed calf, a 3 foot lobster, a token chicken ranch from Texas, and a lot more. I love it.
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (Mar 27, 2003 05:13PM)
I found the purse the Okito wore under his costumes when performing. Great condition.
Message: Posted by: Dave Egleston (Mar 27, 2003 06:15PM)
I have a 1st edition of Si Stebbins' Card Tricks - 1898.
It's the only one I've ever seen. I've seen some reprints.

Message: Posted by: rseward (Jun 11, 2003 11:43AM)
I have several prized possession in my collection. The first is a card (the joker) signed by Dai Vernon. The second is several Tarbell magic books signed by Harlan Tarbell to his good friend Al Baker. However, my most prized item is a program to the first IBM convention signed by many of the magicians that attended, such as Harry Blackstone, Sr. and his wife.

Message: Posted by: slebonio (Jun 12, 2003 04:50PM)
I have Daryls autograph, that's about it.

Slebonio :dance:
Message: Posted by: Mehtas (Jun 15, 2003 04:43PM)
I got some good ones. I can't call them very rare or prized possessions, but I like them.

They are.

The very first range of thumb tip (Copper).
Autographs of Dante and Moi-YO-Miller.
Goldin's Poster.
Two of the Stanyons very old catalogues and some bits n bobs.

Message: Posted by: Sean Lough (Jun 17, 2003 03:54PM)
I have my Blackstone the Magician comic books that I bought before I knew they were collectable. I bought them for the stories and the tricks.
Message: Posted by: Steve Friedberg (Jun 22, 2003 10:12PM)
I have a stock photo signed by the Professor...
A cover of Gen with Alex Elmsley on the cover from 1955 signed to me (by Mr. Elmsley, of course)...
A Michael Ammar cover signed over...

And a number of first editions. Nothing hugely spectacular, mind you, but each means some thing to me, and (IMHO) that's the best reason to collect something.
Message: Posted by: Mehtas (Jul 17, 2003 03:52PM)
Lucky, lucky me. I just got a Chung Ling Soo postcard from an antique dealer.

Got it for £5!!!

It is singed as well. Soo is standing with a small plate it his hand.

Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Aug 4, 2003 05:53PM)
1. A Houdini Pitchbook given to me by my father.

2. Escape equipment circa 1915 from my grandfather's store in Port Chester, NY including handcuffs, leg irons, neck restraint, chains, keys, picks, blueprints of locks, mailbar, etc.

3. Thayer Wonderscreen

4. Old Owen Sword Cabinet

5. Thayer One Hand Production Cabinet
Message: Posted by: Wolfgang (Aug 8, 2003 11:16AM)
Dang, you guys got some neat stuff!

All I have is a Tannen's catalog from the 1970s with David Copperfield's picture on the front, which I use as a stand for a potted plant.
Message: Posted by: Marshall Thornside (Aug 9, 2003 10:54PM)
Doing some cleaning...

Some correspondence from Raveen raving about the light bulb cabinet. Same with Doug Henning prior to his broadway show. Both on their stationery.
Some Xmas cards from Mrs. Dante to Dad from the 1960s.
Message: Posted by: Anverdi-museum (Aug 22, 2003 07:48PM)
I have some pretty neat magic collectibles. Mainly as my user name implies I collect Anverdi magic. I reluctanly use the word "collect" as I also use these effects regularly. My collection also has many obscure items from Merv Taylor, Abbott's, Tannen's, etc.

Take at peek

http://caputocollection.tripod.com/ :magicrabbit:
Message: Posted by: Luis Sirgado (Sep 23, 2003 10:23AM)
I have a special but small museum that is mine. In that museum I have my first magic toys, and some material of a Portuguese magical association called API (academia portuguesa de ilusionismo) that now is know has associação portuguesa de ilusionismo. Some of the things are a member card, a photo from Oliveira Martins (the president of the association), a coin from a trick that they sold and that no longer exists, and I also have a catalog.

magical hugs

luis :handcuffs:
Message: Posted by: shane_delon (Sep 26, 2003 02:22PM)
I've got about 80 autographs.
Message: Posted by: Talmi (Sep 27, 2003 03:15PM)
I have started to collect Conradi Horster (German dealer from around 1900 to 1944) a couple of years ago. Please feel free to visit my website at http://www.marvelsoft.de. The site is in German and always under consstruction but you might enjoy the pictures. I would be happy about a nice guestbook (Gastebuch) entry and any contact to other collectors.

Best Regards
Message: Posted by: WandSpin (Sep 29, 2003 12:20PM)
I've got an old one of Vernon in a frame. Right in the entry to the house. I touch it when I leave for luck!
Message: Posted by: thorndyke (Nov 17, 2003 12:59AM)
I purchased a poster of Murray (the original one, not the new guy called Murray), and I was so suprised to find that it had his autograph on the back. Also, that he had given it to David Deval...who wrote the date on the back and signed it as well! I had several notes Deval sent to me some years ago, which made me feel like a long lost friend. What a great guy.
Message: Posted by: Magic Archive (Nov 23, 2003 05:10AM)
I have been collecting magic items since 1946 and have to-day about 1.500 apparatus, 600 catalogues, 2000 posters, 4000 photos, 6000 pages newspapper cuttings, 7000 publicity materials, 8000 magazines plus books...
Yours Christer Nilsson, Sweden
Message: Posted by: Rcitgo (Jan 21, 2004 03:26AM)
I just got a copy of Frank Garcia's "Encyclopedia Of Spongeball Magic" off of Ebay.I have a copy of "Smoke And Mirror's" book and some old Tannen's and Abbotts cataloges and Old "Prynce-Wheeler Escapes cataloges.Its not much but I just started collecting. :magicrabbit:

I just picked up off Ebay "Lou Gallo The Underground Man" and after missing out four times in a row I finally got Kenner's Totally Losing Control!My other goodies I recently picked up off Ebay were a Vick Lawson 1961 magic catalog and a old 1920's Heaney magic catalog.T%hank God for Ebay! :magicrabbit:
Message: Posted by: Tim Taylor (Feb 11, 2004 07:11PM)
Let's see...

Presly Guitar's Long Salt Pour, who I saw posted in WIYC once and there are no other post.
Tim Starrs Parasol
Blackstones very own Multim in Parvo
An umbrella that is just a stage decoration used in his early shows (Blackstone)
Challet Duck Bucket
Beautiful and old Dove Thru Glass
Old and not sure of maker TV Card Frame

That is some of the old stuff.
Wouldn't even want to start on the new stuff!
Except, to mention ALL the Wolf's Magic stuff other than the Table!:cool:
Message: Posted by: GeorgeG (Feb 12, 2004 01:06AM)
My Collection?
many first edition/deluxe collector's edition books.
Stuff from Milson-Worth, Collectors' Workshop, Eddy Taytelbaum, Owens, Mel Babcock, James Riser, Richard Gerlitz, Todd Lassen, Wayne Thomas.

My most prized magic is the complete teak collection of [b]Alan Warner's Mini-Magic[/b]:
Message: Posted by: HarbinJr. (Feb 14, 2004 09:57PM)
I have a autographed pic of Robert Harbin that I got off of ebay a few years ago.

Message: Posted by: Rcitgo (Feb 16, 2004 04:31AM)
I just picked up off Ebay CardCraft,AfterCraft andTrickery Treats all by JK Hartman.

I just got "JK Hartmans "Odd Lifts".a couple more Heaney catalogs.a Haines House of Cards catolog and a copy of TG Murphy "Imagication.
Message: Posted by: Chance Wolf (Feb 23, 2004 06:33AM)
Hmmmm...the evidence of my "illness"?
Merv Taylor's Linking Razor Blades /1940's or 50's
P&L Card Sword
1st Series Hamilton JoAnne Card Duck / Mint...way cool!
Merv Taylor Copper Dove Pan / Mint
and a bunch of Killer Milson Worth effects which I just love!
oh... and a bunch of mint condition props from some guy named Wolf :)
Message: Posted by: Amazing Dick (Feb 23, 2004 03:32PM)
The original lobby photo of Harry Blackstone Jr . I got from Sothebys and it's HUGE ! I'm debating if I should put in moving eyes so it follows you around to room . I also have a few signed tricks and autographs:
Alan Warner , Tony Andruzzi ,Lance Burton,Kreskin,Burger,Mcbride,Knepper.
Message: Posted by: MerlH (Mar 19, 2004 07:25PM)
I have:[list][*]Original first 50 issues of [i]The Jinx[/i] including the the second run first copy[*]Annemann hand-typed card manuscript[*]A snapper from the 40's with a "blue" lady on it[*]A complete bound file of [i]The Seven Circles[/i] magazine[*]Original Socar posters[*]Complete original files of [i]Hugards Magic Monthly[/i][*]A signed Vernon photo 1976[*]A signed scrapbook of the major performers at the 1959 Chicago IBM convention, Tarbell, Okito, et al[/list]
Message: Posted by: Vincent (Mar 20, 2004 06:04AM)

After reading all of these posts I know I'm really addicted now!!


I don't have too big of a collection but I have a magic library that contains about 200 working volumes. All first editions. Some signed. In that library is a [i]Dai Vernon Book Of Magic[/i] which is signed to me by Dai Vernon and is a misprint to boot. Have no idea if it is worth much but it is so cool!!!

I also have various and sundry bits of apparatus from the 1940's forward but one of the best pieces in my "collection" is a set of Buddha Tubes that was given to me for Christmas when I was ten years old. While not a popular prop, they mean the world to me because it reminds me of when I began and how happy my parents were when they gave me that gift.

Of course I almost didn't get them at all since I went on a recon mission shortly before Christmas and found my mother's secret hiding place of all things Christmas. That did not go over too big. It was hard being grounded the week before Christmas. Especially when you are only ten.

Thanks for listening.

Vincent :die: :magicrabbit: :die:
Message: Posted by: jegreene (Mar 21, 2004 05:32PM)
I have a 1926 [i]Tarbell System[/i] that has 60 or so chapters in it and they sent you a different chapter every month.

First edition Frank Garcia [i]The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic[/i] and [i]All In A Nutshell[/i].
Message: Posted by: Rcitgo (Mar 22, 2004 04:41AM)
I just got acouple more Heaney magic catalogs and another Vick Lawsons magic catalogs.
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Mar 22, 2004 03:44PM)
I love to read magic books, even though I probably won't ever use most of the stuff. I especially enjoy books on the old illusionists and the grand illusion shows. I probably have 350-400 books of various types. Some of my "collection" of books and magic include:

Books:[list][*]Two sets of Thurston Illusion Show Workbooks[*]Two copies of Encyclopedia of Stage Illusions[*]Three different editions of Jarrett[*]Two different editions of The Magic of Alan Wakeling[*]Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic[*]The Magic of Robert Harbin[*]Two different editions of Device and Illusion[*]Several Peter Rabbit the Magician with props and boxes[/list]Props:[list][*]Wooden Watch Box[*]Okito Floating Ball[*]ABC Gumball Re-Combobulator[*]Several Merv Taylor items[*]A lot of Bob Kline items[*]Many Doug Henning photos, posters and other memorabilia[/list]But, of all the stuff I have, my favorite is Professional Illusion Building for the Home Craftsman, by Dick Gustafson.

Amos McCormick
Message: Posted by: Dawai (Mar 25, 2004 01:26AM)
In my collection are magic items made in brass, coins, magic from Japan and any old magic I can find.
Message: Posted by: MRReed (Mar 26, 2004 10:46AM)
I browse antique shops regularly, wherever I go. Most of my browsing is in central Michigan, occasionally in the Detroit area and a couple of times a year in WI, MN and ND. I don't think I've ever come across any magic items in all the years I've been browsing.

Anyone else have that same experience?
Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Mar 30, 2004 02:03PM)
I'm always hoping in a corner under a pile of dust there will be a Thayer Blue Phantom. I agree with you. I've never come across anything other than novelties in these antique stores. I also have had similar luck looking for magic books in used book shops including The Strand which is a gigantic used book store in lower Manhattan.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 30, 2004 03:22PM)
I did find a Tannen's catalog, the guy said he bought it at a YARD sale, of all places, and an old Adams' moneymaker, which still had $2 loaded in it at an antique/junk shop once. Occasionally some magic books, too, but nothing absolutely great.

Steve Thomas
Message: Posted by: magictim (Apr 24, 2004 11:10AM)
My "big" things to me in my collection is a framed autographed picture of "Mr.Electric" and a mint copy of Spirit Theater by Eugene Burger. I also have started collecting all the osborne illusion plans and books that I can get my hands on.
Message: Posted by: Clayton Cavaness (May 8, 2004 12:18PM)
I have a "complete" set of the first fifty years of Genii magazine.
Message: Posted by: donsmagic (May 8, 2004 07:44PM)
I have a original posters of Kellar, Carter, Blackstone Sr, Maro, Brush, Alexander, Soo, and George. I also have letters written by Houdini, Kellar, and one handwritten Soo letter that was featured in Caveny's new book on Kellar. I used to collect Thayer and P&L, but because of room, I only collect paper.
Message: Posted by: Chance Wolf (May 8, 2004 08:39PM)
I just SCORED a Stillwell Copenetro along with an Original Bob Kline Copenetro and the Oroginal Jack Hughes Copenetro! I have the entire Copenetro History ( well, the ones I care about )
Which now my life is COMPLETE...well...maybe just a few more thricks...yeah...then I am done :)
Message: Posted by: Julie (May 9, 2004 06:53PM)
I'll mention a couple of "goodies", not too olde, but special to me...

Don Redmon's Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd (hippity-hop type effect--only 55 sets ever made)

Thayer Rice, Checkers and Orange (wooden vase)

Haenchen Triangle Tube Production

Arturo Twin Di Box (when he worked for Abbott's)

Two versions of Arturo's "Nest of bean boxes" one from his U.F. Grant days and another (one of a special run of three sets total) "improved" set from his tenure with Abbott's.

A neat curiosity-refer to Blakstone's Secrets of Magic-look at effect #20 = Pencil Through Coin. The well- machined piece of metal apparatus utilizing an English Penny (made by VERY EARLY JOHNSON PRODUCTS) is terrific, but the effect is dumb. As a much younger Magician I worked out a completely different handling and a different EFFECT using this apparatus. Back in the late 1960's or early 1970's an unhappy former employee opened a storfront company in Colon selling identical to Abbott's props during that years get together, but at vastly reduced prices.. The quality was the same--anyway (no, his name was not Fisher), this little metal "thing" was tucked into a corner of one of his cases and I bought it for ten dollars.
If anyone else still owns one of these, let me know and I'll be happy to share my routine "the Fastest Coin Trick in the World".
Message: Posted by: Clay Shevlin (May 18, 2004 11:43AM)
This is a fun thread. Since my interest is in magic history and bibliography, all of my favorites relate to that subject, among them:

A fine copy of the first US edition of Houdini's Unmasking of Robert-Houdin, with a long inscription from Houdini to Floyd Thayer,

Trevor Hall's personal copy (bound in full leather) of the rare 1956 imprint of his conjuring bibliography (only six printed)

Trevor Hall's personal copy of one of twelve interleaved copies of his conjuring bibliography, very heavily annotated by him in preparation for his Old Conjuring Books (published in 1972), and, last but not least,

A six volume set of George Daniel's Merrie England in the Olden Time (1842), extra-illustrated with original newspaper clippings of Fawkes, Lane, and Breslaw, among other 18th century magicians, together with original prints of Chabert the Fire King (autographed by him!), Buckinger, and the learned pig. Not only that, but it is inscribed by Daniel to a friend of his and the inscription states that it was one of only 8 copies printed on special paper. This was originally published as a two volume set, but somebody tooke the time to expand it to six volumes and added over 700 original clippings, prints, and playbills of the people mentioned in the book. It must be unique.

Oh yes, one more (with a question). I have Eleanor Bishop's personal copy of the book she wrote on her son, Washington Irving Bishop (for lack of a better term, he was a mentalist). Since I've never seen a copy offered for sale, my suspicion is that it's a rare book. Does anybody out there own a copy? It was entitled "A Mother's Life Dedicated, and an Appeal for Justice to all Brother Masons and the Generous Public. A Synopsis of the Butchery of the Late Washington Irving Bishop... by Eleanor Fletcher Bishop, his Broken-Hearted Mother" It was published in Philadelphia in 1889.

Bishop was a VERY interesting character in the annals of magic. See Ricky Jay's chapter on Bishop in his Learned Pigs book. He seems to think this is a rare book, but you never know unless you ask.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (May 24, 2004 12:05AM)
Wow! Good Stuff! Please give me your addresses and when you expect to be gone from home. (Just joking, I know that you carry the good stuff with you.)

Since I am in my fifth decade of magic, much, if not most of my library is autographed. I also saved old mail from Slydini and others. But my most prized part of my collection is contained in a small cardboard box and a brown paper bag. Some of it isn't even complete. When Burling Hull went into the nursing home, I received the goods in these two containers. They are mostly homemade gimmicks he used. Some he made from scratch and others were cannibalized from other tricks. I also have two notebooks of Xeroxed notes from other entertainers he apparently was going to use to write a book. Of course, I have no intention of ever publishing or sharing these notes. Frankly, most aren’t that outstanding as magic goes. However, I value it as an indication of his reputation with other big names in the industry. I have no idea why this is a copy or where the original is, or if it still even exists. I have had these items at least twenty-three years. The other things in the notebooks are typed comments on alternative uses for commercially produced magic props that were available back then and some still are. Who knows what he had in mind to do with them? They just show a lot of good analytical thought. The economic value is not significant to me. Its real value to me is as a motivator to think and plan in an organized manner. Burling Hull apparently did very little by accident.

When I die, I assume Lucy will do something with them. Supposedly the real thing that will determine what she does, is whether or not she is still performing. She still performs ballet on stage on pointe at age 64 with a broken rib. She did that this month! She broke the rib in a horseback riding accident. (We rode horses again tonight.) John Calvert is still performing at 93. I have no idea how far beyond that Lucy will be on stage doing magic. She has mentioned that the new horse she is training now for magic, won’t last her but about thirty years. I don’t know what she will have to do after that! Maybe it will be a collectable magic stuffed horse?

Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Dr_Stephen_Midnight (Jul 11, 2004 07:28PM)
I haven't got much.

I have an autographed copy of "Strange Ceremonies" by Eugene Burger;
An autographed program by David Copperfield;
A mint condition, unused throw-out card from Howard Thurston's last tour;
A wire used by the Amazing Randi to pick open a security guard's handcuffs when he was in Cincinnati, during his 1970s tour with the Alice Cooper show;
An autograph by Randi, and a personal letter from him;
An autographed copy of "Thoughts and Advise on Handcuffs and Escapes" by Prynce E. Wheeler.


Ack! I almost forgot (silly me).

I also have a poster advertizing Marvelo (either Lester Lake or his clone, Joe Schreck) performing "burned alive" at Clementon Lake Park ("Buried in Flames - 20 Minutes in Hell!!")

Message: Posted by: Julie (Jul 11, 2004 10:43PM)
On 2002-12-19 16:20, jcards01 wrote:
Been collecting books since the early to mid-sixties. Interest is in cards. Have over 400 books, just card related.
Was lucky enough to know Ed Marlo and have an abundance of 1st copies of his stuff. Including Marlo Magazine, Vol 2 or 3, copy #1. Have some 1st editions of the Hugard & Braue classics.

I have a Marlo Magazine #1 with the corrections page(s). Any idea of its current market value?
Thank-you in advance for venturing an opinion.

Jim Molinari
Message: Posted by: sourcerer (Aug 8, 2004 08:59AM)
Ah let me join in :)
Not much to brag about but stuff I personally really enjoy are Marlo's Fingertip Control signed to Jennings and Devilish Miracle signed by Marlo and Damico.
Then again, I enjoy all Marlo material I eventually managed to get...still a long way to completion.

And my signed stock photos from Marlo and Vernon hanging next to eachother really give me a smile.
Haven't seen them fighting yet.

Message: Posted by: jdknight (Aug 11, 2004 01:16PM)
I do not have much. I have a 1980s Hocus Pocus Conjuring outfit mostly complete and box is in good condition. Interestingly, it has an effect (like Porpers jumping peg paddle) except it is a wooden paddle. I also have an autographed Deans Box and an autographed picture and card by Jeff McBride and another card autographed by McBride and his wife Abbi Spinner, I have an autographed card from John Gustaferno (don't know if I spelled his name right), and lastly, an autographed poster of John Shyrock. None of these autographs are old, but who knows, I will save them for my grandson.
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Aug 13, 2004 11:45PM)
I have a pretty eclectic collection of magic, but I think one of the oddest pieces is a J Bland production cannonball with the swinging lid as described and illustrated in Hoffmann.
Message: Posted by: The Great Blackwell (Sep 27, 2004 11:20PM)
My finest item is a RARE photo of Houdini LOCKED OUT OF HIS CAR!
Message: Posted by: MaGiShN46 (Sep 28, 2004 01:55PM)
A signed poster with me there by mark wilson!
Message: Posted by: CyberMage (Sep 28, 2004 10:03PM)
Great thread!

For my birthday this year, a very dear friend of mine gave me 70 different "Abracadabra" magazines, spanning from 1946 to 1974.
Message: Posted by: Mike Walton (Oct 14, 2004 08:26PM)
I didn't mean to "collect" these but have them for the info after I paid a hefty fee:

An Evening With Charlie Miller
Ency. of Sponge Ball Magic - Garcia

I'm not one to collect things but there's a lot of history in these two that makes them special.
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Oct 15, 2004 09:32AM)
I noticed not long ago that I have quite a collection of beginner, pulp-style magic books. There are about a hundred of them with representative samples from every decade of the 20th century. When laid out in a timeline, the changing cover art is fascinating. In some cases, I may have the same book in different incarnations (different covers, expanded versions, etc.).

I started to see the merit in these when I realized, these are the kinds of books that started most magicians on the paths of their study of magic... kind of a collection of first steps.
Message: Posted by: CARNEGIE (Oct 18, 2004 01:07PM)
Let's see, I have Harry Blackstone Jr's Book of Life Illusion. Also, I have all the female assistant costumes from his levitation routine.

I have about 25 or so magician or magic related figurines. These are hard to find, but I've got some cool ones.

I've got a huge collection of Le Grand David Posters and programs. Also programs from Goldin, Blackstone Sr. Henning, and others. Also autographed photos from various artists like the great escape artist Steve Baker.

I have a bunch of vintage posters.

I don't know if this would actually be considered a collection, but I have a 'collection' of paintings of famous magicians. The only thing is, I painted them myself, lol. IF you'd like to check them out the site address is http://members.aol.com/deanalan08/magic/index.html

So that is my collection, in a nutshell.
Message: Posted by: John Linoren (Oct 26, 2004 05:28AM)
I got lots of old Harries props, http://www.harriesmagic.com, bwyond them a sucker effect with a jumbocard, old, made by wood, think its made around 1930-40, real nice. I also got som old close up tricks from them. Real nice prop, its easy to get sentimental...
Message: Posted by: Amazing Dick (Oct 29, 2004 03:04PM)
I just got a signed copy of "The book of secrets" with a signed "John Carney " calling card.
Message: Posted by: rexgetz (Nov 2, 2004 05:08AM)
My favorite treasure is a Walsh appearing and vanishing cane that was a gift from Neil Foster. Very unique--perfaps some of you have seen him use it in his act.
Message: Posted by: dking66 (Nov 3, 2004 02:27PM)
Just started collecting Die Boxes and Alan Warner mini-magic. I am desperately looking for an Alan Warner "Millennium Collection" in wooden box. Any help on that one? And, does anyone know of the history of the Die Box? Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Nicholas (Nov 6, 2004 08:08AM)
I still have the Short Changed gimmick by Gene Gordon that I bought in the 60's at his magic shop, The House of Hocus Pocus in Buffalo NY. It is described in Bobo on page 262. I also have the Houdini Memorial Issue of Genii Magazine dated October, 1964. The whole issue is on escapes featuring Steranko. Finally, I have the December 1964 Silver Anniversary Issue of TOPS.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Nov 7, 2004 07:24PM)
I collect cups and balls. I also collect paddles. I have lots of books, but I can't begin to tell you which of them are rarities.
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Nov 16, 2004 01:34AM)
Rare Bizarre Magick books, Esoteric Ephemera (skulls, occult items), Unusual playing and tarot cards, a few vintage magic lithographs (Carter, Alexander and a rare spanish performer) and I just picked up a great original photo of Carter in front of the Great Pyramid with his car, notated on the back in his handwriting.
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Nov 18, 2004 11:43PM)
I just bought a Roterberg Card Star. (!)
Message: Posted by: TOTALLY MAGIC (Dec 15, 2004 07:39PM)
I don't have much but I have copperfilds, lance burtn,mark wilsons artgraphs
Message: Posted by: Daniel Santos (Jan 5, 2005 02:39PM)
I have 101 Thumbtip Tricks signed by Mr. Darwin to a Michael...I bought it at Daytona Magic for 5 bucks (regular price), not sure if they know that they sent that one.

I also have Mr. Harlan's More Than Meets the Eye signed by him. For being one of the winners during the 'Plumes Contest' when he was a guest here.
Message: Posted by: calexa (Jan 8, 2005 06:46PM)
I have a collectors "Konfetti Box".

That´s it.

Message: Posted by: okito25 (Jan 19, 2005 08:11AM)
Hmm lots of neato stuff .. I have 25 plus oktio and okito style coinboxes , hence the nic .... Lots of posters and autographs , old bits and pieces I pick up at the local club auctions ... PL ching soo firecraker , thayers find the lady , thayers welsh rabbit pan , Milson Worths Copentro, and like someone else I collect dice cups .. wood, leather, bakelite, bone , a few interesting Cups and balls sets OLD english pewter with vegtable dyed cork balls .. and Indian cups and balls , and a close up chest/cabinet unknown origin..solid oak but the handles are unique two hands in silver holding a wand,it came through my uncles Auction house .. I have talked with many of our OMEs from our ring , no one recalls it one thought is perhaps it was a jewelry case , just too unique Not to have
Message: Posted by: mydogripper (Feb 15, 2005 06:32AM)
Every issue of The Linking Ring... Alll Rops issues.... Every Thayer catalog...Every issue of The Bat.... Every issue on Genii.....all my book collection starts with the first issue... that is a just a start...
Message: Posted by: joespc (Feb 15, 2005 08:31PM)
Some of the items are the Loydd Multiplying Candles, a Walsh Acrobatic Golf Club, Walsh Appearing Table, Milt Kort’s Miniature Cups and Balls and Platt’s Indian Cups and Balls.
Message: Posted by: Trickmaster (Feb 24, 2005 08:08PM)
Heros Horse by Owen Magic need I say more.....
Message: Posted by: Julie (Feb 24, 2005 11:53PM)
On 2004-03-20 07:04, Vincent wrote:

After reading all of these posts I know I'm really addicted now!!


I don't have too big of a collection but I have a magic library that contains about 200 working volumes. All first editions. Some signed. In that library is a [i]Dai Vernon Book Of Magic[/i] which is signed to me by Dai Vernon and is a misprint to boot. Have no idea if it is worth much but it is so cool!!!

I also have various and sundry bits of apparatus from the 1940's forward but one of the best pieces in my "collection" is a set of Buddha Tubes that was given to me for Christmas when I was ten years old. While not a popular prop, they mean the world to me because it reminds me of when I began and how happy my parents were when they gave me that gift.

Of course I almost didn't get them at all since I went on a recon mission shortly before Christmas and found my mother's secret hiding place of all things Christmas. That did not go over too big. It was hard being grounded the week before Christmas. Especially when you are only ten.

Thanks for listening.

Vincent :die: :magicrabbit: :die:

One of my first "big" tricks was a set of Buddha Tubes when I was around ten, also. I had asked for the Buddha Tubes for Christmas because most of my contemporaries were using a Square Circle in one form or another and I wanted to be different!
Message: Posted by: gngorick (Apr 21, 2005 09:13PM)
I have several autographed DVDs/photographs/playing cards/books.

Jay Sankey - Revolutionary Card+Coin Magic DVD, Boris Pocus DVD, photograph, playing cards, Beyong Secrets Book.

Richard Sanders - Fiber Optics DVD, playing card

David Acer - Playing Card

Darwin Ortiz - Playing Card

Brian Geer - Jumbo Playing card, Photograph

Meir Yedid - Photograph

Mike Skutt - Playing Card

Thom Baxter - Playing Card

Wij - Playing Card

Allan Nackan - Playing Card

David Peck - Playing Card

Jason Maloney - Playing Card

Ray Chance - Playing Card

All of 'em are quite recent. I don't have any autographs of oldtime magicians though *sniff* *sniff*
Message: Posted by: dylan1961 (Apr 29, 2005 12:00AM)
Hi all,
I collect Handcuffs, padlocks, and books pertaining to Harry Houdini, and other escape artists. Have many examples, several of them truly rare. Pre 1925 pitchbooks include Secret of the Handcuff trick by Pollard, Prof. Day's The Handcuff Trick, Stanyon's Secrets of the Handcuff Trick, 6 editions of Selby's Handcuff and Gaol Breaking Mystery Exposed, and others too. Of course Houdini was a master of putting these out too, and I have in my collection the following: Magic made Easy 1898,
America's Sensational Plexor 1904, houdini, 1908, The Fomous The World's Greatest handcuff king and prison breaker @1907, Life history and handcuff Secrets of houini
(several variations in page numbers and pub. dates), etc....... many many moe.

Message: Posted by: Don Hendrix (May 9, 2005 03:05PM)
I guess that my favorite magic possession is Danny Dew's copy of "Revelations". It is number two. I assume that Vernon had number one. It is also signed by Vernon, Danny Dew, and signed to Danny by Faucett Ross( on his birthday). I also have a collectioin of Vernon items including a post card, 8x10 autographed photo, coin, cigar butt, and one of his "New York Card Expert" business cards that he gave me one night at the castle. I also have a set of copper Paul Fox cups, made by Danny, which, years ago, cost me $18, including postage. Another thing I like is a leather bound complete set of the original Jinx, which came from the library of Tony Raven, publisher of The Invocation magazine. I also have a printer's proof of a book written by Doc Shiels for laymen, including his had-written corrections, and signed, "How is this for a first edition?" My copy of The World's Greatest Magic book is autographed by most of the magicians who were living at the time of publication, including Vernon, Copperfield (twice - one that is readable), Henning, Mark Wilson, Nani, and Rebo, Carl Ballentine, Blackstone, Jr., Falkenstein and Willard, Randi, Kreskin, Thompsoni and assistant, Mr. Electric and Carol, Shimada (in English and Japanese), Goshman, Jimmy Grippo, Dick and Diana Zimmerman, and many others, including John Booth, Joseph, Siegfried and Roy, Wm Larsen Jr., Lance Burton, Karrel Fox, Zaney Blaney, Amarr, Larry Becker, Jay Marshall, Larry Jennings, Billy McComb, Jerry Andrus, Paul Daniels, Max Maven, Harry Anderson, Charlie Miller, Eugene Burger, Richard Webster, Tony Andruzzi, and many that I have probably forgotten. I carried it with me for years as my magic autograph book.
Message: Posted by: Antony Gerard (May 9, 2005 10:53PM)
If you ever find yourself in Kalamazoo Michigan stop by The Timid Rabbit Magic Shop at 2001 West Main Street. I have a medium sized museum in the lower level. It is open by appointment in the evenings. No charge. Includes grand illusions, parlor, close-up, books, posters, awards, and autographs. Many items from Karrell Fox, Little Johnny Jones, Roy Kissell, and John Calvert. Also items from Henning, Vernon, Gordon, Blackstone, etc.

Two of my favorite pieces are two Vernon silhouettes made by him in 1930. Vernon’s silhouettes are among the most difficult to find Vernon items.

Due to remodeling the museum will not be open until early June. It is also closed from September 5th through November 25th due to our Halloween store and Haunted Houses (Phobia House).

For an appointment please phone 269 - 344 - 2001

I have thought about doing an online museum when I free up some time. Please give me some feedback about this venture. Do you think there would be interest in an online photo museum.

Take care and take cards
Antony Gerard
Message: Posted by: jdknight (Aug 16, 2005 09:23PM)
I just happened to spot a set of older style cups at the Rosebowl flea market this past sunday. Bill Palmer has looked at digital pictures and I have provied the ,easurements. Although he cannot say for sure without looking at them in person, he thinks they may be non-hallmarked P&L cups. I am pretty psyched about finding them. I paid 15 dollars for them.

Message: Posted by: Cranial Fermentator (Aug 16, 2005 10:02PM)
My favorite items in my collection are ones that I aquired unexpectedly. I once purchased a large lot of M-U-M magazines from the 1950's & 60's on Ebay, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that apparently Milborne Christopher was the original owner! Scrawled inside the magazines were his notes and comments. Other goodies that were hidden in old magic magazines I bought, include a flyer autographed by Harry Blackstone, Jr (oddly, it wasn't for his show, but a classical music concert in Kansas City) and a publicity photo of Hardeen(unfortunately not sign, but it was stanped with his name and dated).
Message: Posted by: magicdoctor39 (Aug 17, 2005 01:35AM)
I have Heaney doll house,Heaney asra form,microphone from heaney show,manyHeaney catologs,throw cards 1 window poster,8mm movies and super8 movies also from the Heaney collection I have a box full of reel to reel audio tapes which I havent even listened to.a couple of heaney magic tricks he sold from his catolog,a walking cane which I havent been able to identify other than it was bought at a rummage sale,where Heaneys grandaughter sold to my dad for cheap.also birdcage production I can't identify, also from the Heaney collection I have an Abotts chain escape- the magician gets chained to a board which has a skeleton painted on it, and then many autographs.
Message: Posted by: Mehtas (Aug 18, 2005 02:50PM)
Just managed to get original corinda letterhead. Written and signed by John Henley (parner I think ??)

Later John Henley became the owner of Inzani-Henley Magic in London.

Not much but its just one of my small collection.

Message: Posted by: Richard Evans (Aug 18, 2005 05:09PM)
Cups & balls are my main obsession. I also collect vintage fountain pens (my sickness extends beyond magic - I'm a well-rounded obsessive).

Message: Posted by: islandguy (Aug 18, 2005 06:40PM)
I like to think I collect 'future collectibles' - ie Mel Babcock's great woodworking, Warner's minimagic, and my favorites are the very hard to find John McKinven woodturned items - Egg Vase, and Matching Egg 'Morrison Pill Box'
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (Aug 18, 2005 06:57PM)
On 2005-08-18 15:50, Mehtas wrote:

Just managed to get original corinda letterhead. Written and signed by John Henley (parner I think ??)

Later John Henley became the owner of Inzani-Henley Magic in London.

Not much but its just one of my small collection.



Looks like another one on Ebay now. $25.00 seems like a more than fair price for it. Sometimes you find one, there are dozens behind it, ready to appear.
Message: Posted by: Mehtas (Aug 19, 2005 07:54PM)
On 2005-08-18 19:57, Kevin Connolly wrote:

Looks like another one on Ebay now. $25.00 seems like a more than fair price for it. Sometimes you find one, there are dozens behind it, ready to appear.
Yep that's the one and I just have ONE.

Message: Posted by: magus (Sep 8, 2006 10:33AM)
I have Jinx program #5, a few original annemann manuscripts (Smoke rays,one man mental and psychic routine,man and wife mind reading act, incorperated strange secrets)Thayers "The Great sealed letter reading test",nelson cataloge #24, Psycho 1-8, one of the first 25 copys of Variations by Earl Nelson (He grabbed them from the printer to bring to a convention, no title printed on cover, The patented riffle shuffle and riffle shuffle finale by Marlo (signed),lovecraftian ceremonies, demons diary, and some other stuff :)
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Sep 19, 2006 02:25PM)
On 2004-08-11 14:16, jdknight wrote:
I do not have much. I have a 1980s Hocus Pocus Conjuring outfit mostly complete and box is in good condition. Interestingly, it has an effect (like Porpers jumping peg paddle) except it is a wooden paddle. I also have an autographed Deans Box and an autographed picture and card by Jeff McBride and another card autographed by McBride and his wife Abbi Spinner, I have an autographed card from John Gustaferno (don't know if I spelled his name right), and lastly, an autographed poster of John Shyrock. None of these autographs are old, but who knows, I will save them for my grandson.

The very first trick that actually used a paddle was the jumping peg. It was published in 1901 by P.T. Selbit, called "The Chinese Bat." The paddle was actually inspired by a cricket bat.

Before that, "paddle" tricks were done with knives, matches and sticks. But the paddle really came into its own in 1901.
Message: Posted by: hersheymagic (Jan 15, 2007 10:36PM)
I have an autographed / inscribed first edition copy of Houdini's "A Magician Among the Spirits" The inscription is attached. Enjoy gazing at Houdini's autograph :o)
It also has a letter of authentication from the book seller in Washington DC that hired Houdini for the book signing.

Keith Hanshaw
Hershey Magic
Message: Posted by: Montethrower (Mar 5, 2007 06:01PM)
Darwin Ortiz signed Picture, inscribed to me

Chad Sanborn, inscribed to my brother and I, 8x10

8x10 Ice MacDonald Picture, inscribed to me

B&W Max Maven, inscribed to me in silver ink

LOTS of signed playing cards, some being

Jim Karo, John Blake, Bob Elliot, Chris Chelko, Sal Piacente, Bob Sheets, John B. Borne, Richard Osterlind, Max Maven, and Shaun Robeson.

Other than that, not much really. I don't have any antiquated books, though I really wish I did...
Message: Posted by: Jamie D. Grant (Mar 6, 2007 12:09AM)
I've got a few things but I'm quite happy with my copy (only 100 were made) of Guy Hollingworth's Reformation tape...

Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 6, 2007 05:41AM)
My "Dai Vernon Book of Magic" is signed, no big deal, I know, but this one is signed by Vernon and Harry Stanley to the previous owner of the book, who happens to have been the one and only Dr. Stanley Jaks. It was then signed later by Vernon to the second owner of the book, a friend of mine in 1971. There's also a hand-written, tipped-in letter on Castle stationery from Vernon to my friend, who played the music while Vernon performed at a couple of conventions. NICE!

Steve Thomas
Message: Posted by: Charlie the Tuna (Mar 7, 2007 03:13PM)
Last year I obtained all five volumes of John Northern Hillard's - Greater Magic. A classic piece of history but my wife was unimpressed. lol
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (Mar 7, 2007 04:45PM)
How's this? It took me 4 years to put Greater Magic together. I was so happy when I did, I told my magic mentor that I fianlly did it. He then tells me that there is a set sitting in the bookstore window for months, for $50.00. I gave him the fifty and bought another.
Message: Posted by: Dr. Eamon (Mar 19, 2007 07:01PM)
Signed letter and T-shirt


Tommy Cooper
Message: Posted by: Antony Gerard (Jun 11, 2007 12:27AM)
In the lower level of my magic shop I have a magic museum with many modern and vintage magic items. Some of the items have meaning only to myself while others are very collectable. Sorry but my museum is only open by appointment.

One of my favorite items is the curtain that was used by Doug Henning in his elephant vanish illusion. When Doug left magic he sold the curtain to Harry Blackstone Jr. After Harry passed away, I got the curtain from Gay Blackstone. I do not have room to display the whole curtain because it is 16 feet by 90 feet. I do have a section of the curtain on display.

I also have a number of Vernon items including an autographed deck of cards from a private session with Dai Vernon and two Vernon cut silhouettes from the 1930’s.

I have many Karrell Fox items including his “Assistants Revenge” illusion that he used during his Ford Tradeshow days. An autographed deck of cards from a private session between Karrell Fox, Billy McComb, Jeff McBride, and myself. Karrell, Billy, and Jeff all autographed the deck. I have an aluminum foil fox that Karrell made the evening he passed away and Karrell’s last autograph that I got from Karrell at the World Magic Seminar cast party.

I have quite a few Siegfried and Roy items including a set of Magic Hands glasses from Siegfried and Roy’s their estate, many autographed items, and a gold medallion with Siegfried and Roy and their Jaguar etched on it. The medallion was made by gold maestro Joe Condon and was given to my wife by Roy.

A copy “The Five Points Of Magic” autographed by Juan Tamariz and with a caricature of Juan on the back cover. The caricature was drawn by Gary Darwin in Las Vegas.

I have thousands of other magic related items, however, to many to list here. If you are ever in the Kalamazoo, Michigan please phone or e-mail me. If I have the time I will give you a tour. I never have time in October due to my Halloween businesses and I will not have time between now and July 1st, 2007.

Take care and take cards
Antony Gerard
Message: Posted by: thorndyke (Jun 11, 2007 12:28PM)
I recently picked up a small parcel of ephemera. Inside was a magic convention program from 1979 with Jay Marshal as one of the featured performers. I only met Jay once in 1991 and I had a flight to catch so I didn't get to browbeat him for his autograph or anything. So it was nice to see he had signed this program for someone; Jay Marshall one of the better, cheaper acts.
Maybe not much, but its something I'm glad I have.
Oh and a steadily growing collection of escape artist ephemera, which is what I'm concentrating on nowadays.
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Jun 11, 2007 03:03PM)
On 2007-03-07 16:13, Charlie the Tuna wrote:
Last year I obtained all five volumes of John Northern Hillard's - Greater Magic. A classic piece of history but my wife was unimpressed. lol

Most of the time, our wives would never understand why we collect what we are collecting. LOL
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Jul 28, 2007 12:43PM)
I have aa singed photo of Lance Burton, a signed photo of Jay Sankey, a signed copy of the rare Sankey Unleashed, The Art Of Astonishment Books, The Night Before collaborational works with Sankey and David Acer, Making People Wonder by Jay Sankey, a VHS of Sankey Live!, and the Paul Haris Magic Manuscript. I also own the great Scotty Lang's Close Up Table.

OH and I also own every single issue of The Linking Ring in existence. :) My prized possessions, all of them, and considering I am only 14 this is quite a bit!
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Jul 29, 2007 01:51PM)
Congratulations, Michael, for having such a great collection. Keep it up.
Message: Posted by: Rennie (Jul 29, 2007 10:55PM)
On 2007-06-11 16:03, JamesTong wrote:
On 2007-03-07 16:13, Charlie the Tuna wrote:
Last year I obtained all five volumes of John Northern Hillard's - Greater Magic. A classic piece of history but my wife was unimpressed. lol

Most of the time, our wives would never understand why we collect what we are collecting. LOL
All I can say is, If my wife only knew what I spend on magic books and magic ephemera. I would be banned from my house.
Message: Posted by: Mike McErlain (Aug 21, 2007 11:16PM)
I have managed to collect the complete set of Albo books and several die boxes, including two Thayer die boxes from the 1930's.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Aug 22, 2007 10:36PM)
Good grief, I'm not sure what all I have, books signed by Slydini, Vernon, Lorayne, Mark Wilson, a good number of books and playbills signed by Uncle Harry, A set of stocks Uncle Harry used in his act built by Uncle Pete, A birdcage built by Uncle Pete, Houdini autograph, Mac King Auto, Johnny Thompson auto stuff, Pam Thompson auto stuff, Gay signed a copy of Uncle Harry's biography for me, Couple of playbills signed by Harry jr., Mark and Nani signed a bunch of stuff for me including several old Magic magazines they were featured in, Bobo signed a few things for me years back, Signed vids from the NY coin guys, signed notes from Ali Bongo, Curtis Kam, Daryl, Bob White, George Schindler, Jeff McBride, Eugene Berger, heck I can't remember half of them. Some great stuff I got from Mai-Ling from her Dad's career including Auto photo (she was so cute when she was little, not that she isn't cute now), My favorite photo of me and Max Mavin together (he has a card in his collar to make it look like he is wearing a priest collar too), Gee trying to remember half this stuff off the top of my head is impossible, tons of junk from over the years.
Message: Posted by: Marvelle123 (Sep 2, 2007 12:39AM)
In addition to books and periodicals, I seem most attracted to paper - ads, programs, photos, etc. I especially like throw cards, or throwout cards. Some are quite simple, some ornate. They have the added attraction of not taking up much space, and acid-free pocket pages for three-ring binders are easily found, since most throw cards are the same size as baseball cards. Another obsession of mine is Clayton Rawson, the author of Merlini and Don Diavolo mystery stories. Since he's also collected by mystery fans, those first editions with dust jackets are pretty pricey, but later editions are quite affordable.
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (Sep 2, 2007 01:02AM)
Clayton Rawson's son also collects his father's material. I sold him a few things over the years through Ebay. He's a very nice person from the contacts I had with him.
Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Oct 11, 2007 10:58PM)
I haven't really collected anything for a long time, but somewhere in there I have original copies of Modern Magic, Later Magic, Houdini's life story by Harold Kellock, A Magician Among the Spirits, Houdini's Escapes, New Era Card Tricks by Roterberg (1897), a 1930's Thayer catalog, and programs from Dante and a few others.

Wow, does this bring back memories! One of these days I'll have to dig stuff out and see what's really in there. I remember when I was a teenager, in the late 1960's, writing a lot of people in magic, and they would actually write back. I still have all that stuff in some box or other.
Message: Posted by: Philip Hilton (Oct 18, 2007 11:43AM)
I have picked up a few things along the way. I have and not in any order, but off the top of my head.
A signed letter and catalogue from Jack Hughes from 1958
a complete year of Abra magazine spanning 1947-48 plus some other Abra's from the 50's/60's/70's including a Paul Daniels cover from I think 78.
A pair of handcuffs made by David De-val.
A single handcuff attached to a chain and ending in a very large antique padlock said to have held Houdini to police cell wall in Halifax England in about 1904 I think.
A Burtini catalogue complete with money off coupon signed by Burtini from 1947
Davenports Demon Telegraph from 1941
A catalogue from Supreme Magic complete with a letter from Kie Hooper (Edwin The Magician) and with a seperate single page advert.
An Alan Shaxon signed lecture special from the 70's
An original artwork drawn for me and inscribed by Uri Geller, plus a bent key also from Uri.
Signed picture of Paul Daniels & Debbie, plus seperate pics of them both also signed and my fave item has to be a full set of Tarbell books which Paul Daniels got for me from the States and which I treasure.
I may have other odds and ends, but that is most of my pride and joy.
Cheers Phil
Message: Posted by: disneywld (Nov 25, 2007 10:53AM)
I have a few Houdini items - mostly locks, some Blackstone items (Jr & Sr). Other than that, I collect die boxes, wands, change bags.
Message: Posted by: Terry Harris (Jan 27, 2008 04:39PM)
For years I wrote the column "What Is It?" in the great "Magicol" magazine.
If a collector had a piece they didn't know what it was, we would publish it and all the collectors would answer. It was a great column , but since Magicol was a quarterly magazine, it took about 9 months to get the answer. NOW I do it on my web page and it is quick. Also great collectibles are there for sale, on consignment. Check it out at http://www.oldmagicprops.com
Terry Harris
Message: Posted by: DLF (Feb 14, 2008 11:32AM)
I have hundreds of items in my collection but the handful of items that I consider some of my magic prized possessions are: Anverdi Spirit Bell, National Spirit Bell, Joe Berg Spirit Buzzer, one of Houdini's keys - an original albeit a small one, a small original sepia toned photo of Houdini that I got from the Jay Marshall Estate, a collection of about 20 some odd Foo Cans and about a dozen Chick, Rabbit and Dove Pans. Finall, I have a Harry Blackstone Sr. Property Sign from his show from the 1950's. It's a sign that says "Property of Blackstone World's Master Magician Now Playing Golden Gate Theatre San Francisco and likely hung backstage.
Message: Posted by: Kevin Connolly (Feb 14, 2008 12:28PM)
I saw the Blackstone piece on Ron's site. It's a nice piece. Enjoy.
Message: Posted by: Papasmurf (Mar 15, 2008 07:02PM)
These have a special corner in the house where they can be enjoyed by all.

· Square Circle – 1955
· Die Box - 1940's
· Puffin Magic maybe 60's my first magic book
· 1919 Tricks and Magic Made Easy – Edward Summers Squier
· Thayer's Quality Magic Catalog no.9, Vol. 5

Message: Posted by: mydogripper (Mar 27, 2008 02:28PM)
I just recently purchased my newest prized prop

Tommy Wonder's Nest of Boxes Version 1

Built by Tommy Wonder

A truly amazing find! Tommy had three versions of the nest of boxes. In this one the inner box is wrapped in yards of ribbon that the spectator unravels and yet their watch is still found within.

David Ben liked this one so much that he asked Tommy to make him a set for his show "The Conjuror". This is that set.

It included the outer box, ribbons, velvet bag, inner box and gimmick. An amazing effect and an important magic artifact.
Message: Posted by: kiketron (Jan 13, 2013 06:30AM)
Congrats Mydogripper

Maybe you´ll be glad to check the thread of Tommys version 3 "watch in nest of boxes"
I built a replica recently for myself

Message: Posted by: kiketron (Jan 13, 2013 06:37AM)
The best props I have:

Gerlitz´s True love
Tommy Wonder´s original Ring box
Tommy Wonder´s original belly servante for his nest of boxes version 3
A replica of Tommy Wonder´s nest of boxes version 3 I built
Gerlitz´s Doesn´t Matter
CW Silver Oddysey I (mechanical) and II (remote control)
Gerlitz´s Crystal silks
Gerlitz´s Rice vase
Gerlitz´s La Glace Liquide
Gerlitz´s Enchanted chambers
Gerlitz´s whispering dragons
Gerlitz´s Spirit Watch
Message: Posted by: cbusch55 (Jan 27, 2013 05:25PM)
Gerlitz Stull Prediction Watch is one of my favorites. Wish I had more of his.
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Feb 1, 2013 02:19PM)
I'm an avid collector of signed playing cards, I just re-did my collection spreadsheet today (adding names, etc) here is the list....


Acer, David

Ackerman, Allen

Al The Only


Alexander, Jason

Alexander, Jenni

Allen, David

Allen, Jon

Alonzo, Ed

Ammar, Michael

Andrews, Carl

Andrews, Jason

Andrus, Jerry

Anton, Chef

Aragon, Woody

Archer, Danny

Aronson, Simon

Asher, Lee


Balay, Magick

Bannon, John

Bauer, Joel

Bavli, Guy

Beam, Steve

Bean, Gordon

Beck, Norman

Becker, Larry

Beckwith, Tobias

Bedwell, Steve

Ben, David

Bent, Mike

Bergeron, Bev

Berry, Jay Scott

Bich, Mathieu

Blaine, David

Blaney, Walter

Born, John

Brewer, Doug

Britten, Noel

Brodien, Marshall

Brown, Darren

Brushwood, Brian

Buck, Dan & Dave

Burger, Eugene

Burgoon, Tom

Burton, Joey

Burton, Lance

Buss, Eric

Byrne, Jason


Cabral, Antonio

Calabrese, Mark

Carbone, Angelo

Cards, Jimmy

Carney, John

Carson, Jeff

Cavney, Mike

Chang, Tony

Chen, Juliana

Clark, Tony

Close, Michael

Cohen, Al

Cohen, Steve

Colombini, Aldo

Conn, Doug

Conover, Timothy

Copperfield, David

Cornelius, John

Criswell, Chastain

Cummins, Paul


Dacri, Steve

Daniels, Paul


DaOrtiz, Dani


De Matos, Luis

DeCamps, Eric

DeLong, Aaron

DeSouza, Marc

Dietrich, Dorothy

Dill, Dean

Dobson, Wayne

Docherty, Doc & Shirley, Randy

Draper, Paul

Drury, Steve

Duffie, Peter

DuKore, Joan

Dunn, Shaun

Dusheck, Steve

Duvivier, Dominique

Dzoan, Chris


Eason, Doc

Eaton, Sam

Ellis, Tim

Eng, Julie

Engblom, Christian

England, Don

England, Jason

Eschen, Kyle

Etienne, Leon



Fearson, Steve

Ferguson, Rich

Finney, Michael

Fisher, Aaron

Fisher, Cody

Fitch, Bob

Flom, Justin

Fontana, Sonny

Francis, Cameron

Friedland, Michael

Farquhar, Shawn

Friel, Adele

Frye, Charlie


Gabriel, Joseph

Gagnon, Tom

Galea, James

Garcia, Daniel

Garrett, Dan


Gee, George

Geller, Uri

George, James

Gerhart, Christen

Gertner, Paul

Gibson, Nathan

Gilbert, Bro

Gilbert, Mahdi

Gillis, Brian

Ginn, David

Giobbi, Roberto

Givens, Joel

Gladwin, Andi

Grace, Adam

Grant, D Jamie

Green, Lennert

Green, Paul

Guastaferro, John

Guimaraes, Helder

Guinn, Scott


Hamburg, Howard

Hample, George

Haney, Denny

Harary, Franz

Harbottle, Kaoina

Harlan, Dan

Harris, Ben

Harris, Neil Patrick

Harris, Paul

Hart, Christopher

Hass, Lawrence

Hatch, Richard

Hauss, Dan

Haydn, Whit

Hertz, Bill

Hilford, Docc

Hitchcock, Scott

Ho, Kevin

Hobson, Jeff

Hollingsworth, Guy

Hooser, Troy

Houchin, Wayne

Houston, Will

Hudson, Alan

Hughes, Derek


Jacobson, Mike

James, Kevin

James, Wesley

Jay, Joshua

Jaye, Aye

Jenkins, Rob

Johnson, Michael

Jones, Eric


Kalin, Mark & Jinger

Kalush, Bill

Karr, Todd

Kaufman, Richard

Kawamoto, Wayne

Kaye, David 'Silly Billy"

Kendell, Ian

Kidd, Billy The

King, Mac

Knight, Devin

Knight, Kyle & Mistie

Koch, Bill

Kole, Andre

Kopf, Jared

Korn, Chris

Kosby, Ray

Koz, Kozmo

Kranzo, Nathan

Krause, Max

Kreskin, The Amazing


Lambert, Krystyn

Lampkin, Al

Lang, Robert

Larsen, Irene

LeClerc, Eric

Lee, Hank

Leslie, Jay

Levand, Rene

Leveridge, Mark

Levit, Jonathin

Lewis, Martin

Livera, Giovanni

London, Ron

Long, Chad

Lorayne, Harry

Losander, Dirk

Loughran, Peter

Lovell, Simon


Maeda, Tomo

Magic, Richie

Malone, Bill

Manos, Chris

Marotta, Rich

Marshall, Sandy

Martin, Patrick

Martinez, Chuck


Marvey, Peter

Massanova Jr, Johnny

Maue, Rick

Maven, Max

Maxwell, Mike

Mayhew, Chris

Mayne, Andrew

McBride, Jeff & Abbi

McClintock, Reed

McDonald, Ice

McLanachan, Peter

McLaughlin, Matt

McMaster, Shawn

Mead, Eric


Mendoza, John

Mendoza, Vince

Menotti, Francis

Messado, Joshua

Mieska, Yigal

Miller, Justin

Minch, Steven

Monti, Joe

Moseley, Jason

Mullica, Tom


Nakajima, Yumi

Neighbors, David

Nelson, Chad

Nelson, Sharii

Nu, Alain


O'Brien, Damien

Ogawa, Shoot

Ogden, Tom

Onosaka, Ton

Orleans, Danny

Ortiz, Darwin

Osbourne, Paul

Osterlind, Richard


Pandrea, Alex

Parker, George

Pearlman, Oz

Pendragon, Jonathan

Penn & Teller

Peron, Kyle & Kelly

Peterson, Thom

Pierce, Lance

Piercy, Chris

Piff The Magic Dragon

Pitchford, Peter

Prace, Jeff


Quant, Irving


Racherbaumer. Jon

Ramon, Alex


Ray, Danny

Ray, Del

Regal, David

Robinson, Ben

Romhany, Paul

Roth, David

Rovner, Seth

Royes, Irwin

Rubinstein, Michael


Samuelson, Peter

Sankey, Jay

Sawa, Dr.

Sawchuck, Murry

Schneider, Al

Schwarzman, Howard

Setteducati, Mark

Sheets, Bob

Silano, Rocco

Sisti, Jim

Smith, Aaron

Smith, B (Robert)

Smith, Ricky


Solomon, David

Spade, Xavier

Spence, Ernie

Spill, Steve

Spina, Joanie

Spina, Tony

Starkley, Eric

Steele, Margaret

Steinmeyer, Jim

Stone, Tom

Stover, Collin

Sweigart, Ron

Swiss, Ian Jamy


Tahoe, TC

Takayama, Cyril

Tamariz, Juan

The Jester, Sylvester

Thomas, Garrett

Thomas, Rick


Tong, Dan


Trace, Arthur

Train, Ben

Trash, Steve

Turner, Joe

Turner, Richard

Tyler, Diamond Jim


Van Burch, Kirby

Veckey, Terry

Vincent, Michael

Vom Schattenrich, De'vo


Wagner, JC

Wakeman, Randy

Walton, Roy

Weber, Geoff

Weber, Michael

Webster, Sue Ann

Wells, Becki

Wells, Scot

West, Glenn

White, Bob

White, Dan

Wiehl, Christopher

Wild, Boris

Wiles, Caleb

Williamson, David

Wilson, Greg

Wilson, Gregory

Wilson, Mark

Wilson, Nani Darnell

Wilson, Paul R

Wilson, Tyler

Wisch, Bill


Yedid, Meir

York, Scotty



Zander, John
Message: Posted by: edshern (Feb 2, 2013 12:23PM)
WOW, that's quite a list.
Message: Posted by: MartiniMagic (Jul 1, 2013 02:38PM)
I just have magic tricks in my collections, but I have been thinking of getting my first poster. I like the one of Kellar walking through the park.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Jul 1, 2013 08:57PM)
MartiniMagic...You may already know this, and be more financially enabled than I am, but if you want to begin collecting magic posters...original, verses reproductions...be prepared to having to open your wallet wide...very, very wide.
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Sep 17, 2013 01:28AM)
Wow magicman I was proud of my half a deck or so of signed cards I've collected. Great job with collecting that list.

In my collection I have just over a half deck signed by those who I consider influential magicians including mark and nani Wilson, lance Burton, Paul Harris and lennart green just to name a few. But I would say my most prized collectible would be a first edition "200 tricks you can do" by Howard Thurston. Published in 1926 which is signed by Howard Thurston.
Message: Posted by: mikesmithmagic (Apr 10, 2019 09:45AM)
I started a collection back in 2016. I decided to reacquire the Paul Daniels TV Magic Tricks that I had as a kid. I got my first tricks Christmas 1979 followed by the Paul Daniels Mystery Box and more TV magic Tricks, Christmas 1980. I have since completed the collection. You see the collection here: www.facebook.com/PDTVMT