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Topic: Smoke at finger tips trick.
Message: Posted by: Owen Thomas (Aug 8, 2019 06:16PM)
Is thia trick dangerous to your health? Apparently it uses white phosphorus which is highly toxic. Any thoughts?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Aug 13, 2019 05:41AM)
What is your reference? Smoke from fingertips is an old Adams Magic trick sold in a tube to the general public. By the way, it looks nothing like smoke.

Stay away for dangerous and chemicals.

If you are talking about smoking from finger tips, then that uses cigarettes. Look up Finn Jon magic effects, DVDs, and books.

I note you say you are a drummer, if you think it would cool to cause smoke to come from your fingers during a performance, for it, no such thing is possible.

You are at the wrong website, you need someone who is an expert in explosives and fire. Maybe Hollywood California would be the place to look for Pyrotechnics experts.