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Topic: Cop does Magic trick during "Live PD on A&E" 8/9/19
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Aug 10, 2019 02:21AM)
Did anyone catch the show (Friday 8/9/19)? Early on in the show, an Oklahoma (I think) State Trooper pulled over a car for a traffic stop. While he was wrapping up with the driver, he asked the children in the back seat if they liked magic and proceeded to vanish a small red silk and left them wondering where it went (did not reproduce it) He then went back to his patrol car with the camera crew, held up his left thumb toward the camera (clearly showing the TT and stated "IT gets them every time". It was a nice way to interact with the kids and let them know the police do not hate and arrest everybody but it would have been a better service to the magic community not to blatantly give away the method (or even finishing with an equally magical appearance for the kids). Then maybe he could have just talked to the film crew about "HIS How and Why" of magic as a hobby. Assuming he is not a full time table hopper on his days off. :-)