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Topic: Legacy V2 - Jamie Badman and Colin Miller (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Aug 19, 2019 10:08AM)
Legacy V2 - Jamie Badman and Colin MIller

The Hype:
From the creators of Heirloom, one of the best-selling tricks of the last decade, comes a miracle that fits in your pocket.

Having been out of stock for years, we are thrilled to be offering the updated edition of this landmark trick. This new edition includes video instructions and brand-new performances, to give you the best learning experience possible. Plus, you get all of the gorgeous props, of course.

Legacy is the kind of trick we search for as magicians. It's self-contained, can be carried with you at all times, and is engaging from start to finish. Your audience gets to know YOU and YOUR MAGIC during the effect.

The effect is simple: a story of your grandfather's greatest magic trick, performed using his original props. You remove a poker hand from his old wallet and have someone think of one of the cards in the hand. You then show that even from the grave, your grandfather knew exactly which one the participant freely picked.
Easy to do
Includes all props (including the custom leather wallet)
This is a blockbuster effect that you will be proud to carry with you.

Package includes wallet, cards, and video instructions.

My Take:
Once again Vanishing Inc. has delivered a winner. The package includes some antique photos (reprinted, of course), some playing cards and a beautiful leather Himber wallet. (In checking prices online for this wallet, the quality accounts for the slightly higher price). Instruction is via video which can be downloaded to your computer. There is also a free pdf download of some bonus hints and routines (including a powerful effect by Luke Jermay.)

This is easy to do, pretty much self working. You tell a tale of how your grandfather carried this wallet with him at all times. He would then show five cards and claim to know in advance which would be selected. He was even willing to put some money down on it. The card is selected and it is proven that the card chosen in advance was the right one every single time.

Now, this uses a method every one of us is familiar with. I have owned a few variations of it over the years but it is usually limited to three choices. Where this takes it to a new level is now offering five choices. Requires no sleights and the method is very well camouflaged.

This is the type of effect I just like to throw into my pocket and carry with me. If you are at a party or a bar, pull it out of your pocket and you are ready to go. The only negative is a quality any trick of this type has. It cannot be repeated. But if you just need to knock out a single trick, you can't go wrong with this.

This is also a trick you will be happy to carry with you. The Himber wallet is very nice quality and adds class to your presentation. The playing cards feature an aged look. They are also not Bicycle backs, which I think adds to their legitimacy. The photographs are old but you can tell they have just been printed. There are various methods online to show you how to achieve an aged look although it is not difficult to get by strictly with the cards as delivered.

The bonus pdf offers three other ideas, one of which includes Simon Aronson's Prior Commitment treatment. If you are not familiar with this one, you are in for a treat. I saw a British magician fool Penn and Teller on their show with this. That does bring into play a couple of questions however. First, why did he do a routine that was not his? And second, I am really surprised that Penn and Teller had not seen this before. Teller is extremely knowledgeable of methods and didn't catch this. Strange. Anyway, give it a try and you will definitely add this to your repertoire.

This is a very nice trick to carry around with you. All the props are quality made. The story line really helps sell the effect. Jamie and Colin have done a great job and you will be proud to carry this one with you. Not an opener or a closer, but great as a one off. Recommended.
Message: Posted by: keilunmagic (Jan 10, 2020 03:19AM)
Spot on review. The only thing I don't like is the VInc Logo embossed in the himber wallet, it screams product instead of an old wallet. I did age mine to make it more believable, but the logo sticks out like a sore thumb :(
Message: Posted by: jdub (Jul 5, 2020 12:59PM)
Great review for a great effect! I saw this effect performed on three separate occasions at The House of Cards in Nashville. Each time I saw it I was more amazed than before. After the third time, I researched it and had to buy it. Upon receiving it, I confirmed that it is an amazing trick...and sometimes magicians get lucky. :)
Message: Posted by: indomagic (Jul 28, 2020 02:26AM)
It seems this one same premise as Killer Elite. With Legacy I found difficulty for us who live in Asia to adapt the routine when involve a photo.