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Topic: Pop Haydn's Scandinavian Lecture 2019
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Aug 21, 2019 12:27AM)

Lecture Notes for my upcoming tour of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are now available for digital download at https://www.popsmagic.com/store/p115/Pop_Haydn%27s_Scandinavian_Tour_Lecture_Notes_2019_~_NEW%21.html

These are the lecture notes for Pop Haydn's lecture tour of Scandinavia beginning in late August of 2019. They are downloadable in a .pdf for printing in either US Letter format (41 pages) or in European A4 format (38 pages).

This lecture concerns the nature of the magic story, the argument for the impossible, defending the story, the secrets of agreement, and the nature of the magical character. This will help the performer develop a method for creating routines and for making classic routines even stronger. Everything is clearly and fully explained, and photos of the essential moves and of Pop Haydn in performance are included.

Pop Haydn routines discussed include the Coin in Bottle, Chicago Surprise, The Six Card Trick, and the Intricate Web of Distraction (Color-Changing Knives).