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Topic: Multiplying Golf Ball Routine Help
Message: Posted by: Navic the Magician (Sep 2, 2019 12:13AM)
I am working on a two hand multiplying ball routine using hard foam golf balls. Can anyone suggest how I can make these yellow Dimpled Foam Practice Balls more sticky or tacky to aid in my various manipulations.
Message: Posted by: TheGladsomeBeast (Nov 2, 2019 09:52PM)
One thing to consider is how they will interact with other objects, carrying cases etc. I would try and avoid an adhesive, maybe try roughing them a little bit, a little sandpaper may go along way.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Nov 3, 2019 07:24AM)
If your skin is dry, that may be your problem. Everyone's "body chemistry" is different, I tend to have dry skin, I discovered MANY YEARS ago, CHAMBERLAINS GOLDEN TOUCH LOTION.

i've been doing a ball routine since the late '40s.(I'm retired after 50 years on the road, travelling coast to coast and border to border.

I started with the old Ireland balls. I bought one of Frank Radtke's first sets of "Tournament' golf balls (in the early; 70s. I'm still using them.

PM me, and I'll look up the address of Chamberlain's.