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Topic: WPR This Week
Message: Posted by: nattefrost (Sep 4, 2019 10:12AM)
Sorry I can’t provide a link to the WPR this week (my computer is acting up) and was a great show! They reviewed Spectro Touch, Light, Thinner, Deck To Anything and the effect I would like to mention which was Legacy by Jamie Badman and Colin Miller. Legacy I bought when it first came out and thought it was a decent m******* o** prediction effect with a nice wallet and props. They all gave it a good review with Wayne doing a demo of it and Wayne actually giving it 95%. Legacy has been out for a pretty long time now and this was actually reviewed back when Craig and Dave were on the show. That too was brought “off the sticks” on that show and was pretty much laughed at by them because it was kind of boring and the 1 in 5 chance could have been just luck, etc. They didn’t like it. I’m just curious as to what seemed to change Dave’s mind about Legacy because it seems that nothing has changed since it first came out a while back. Also, does anyone think that the way Wayne performed it this week tips the method? But as usual this was another great show this week and wish it would go back to weekly instead of bi-weekly!!!