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Topic: Question about Asi Wind Paperwork
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Sep 20, 2019 09:17PM)
Has anyone got these notes? I'm curious and will probably get them, but wondering if anyone can give me a bit of a feel for the material. Thanks for any help.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Sep 29, 2019 09:48AM)
All right, guys. In the absence of anyone talking me out of this one, I have gone ahead and ordered Paperwork. I will be giving it to myself as a Christmas gift, and really looking forward to it. If there's any interest in it, I can pop back in and let people know my thoughts once I've received and read it.
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Oct 23, 2019 02:36PM)
Did you get the book yet? If you did, what did you think? I've read through it a few times and picked up an idea or two but I wont be doing anything from it. Kind of dissapointed with it considering how much I liked his last book "repertiore".
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Oct 23, 2019 07:36PM)
Hi Bobby,
I did pick this up, mostly on the strength of "Repertoire". My plan when it arrives is to save it as a Christmas gift (for myself). I feel like I've earned it this year. I'm getting this and the new Helder G book.
Sounds like you found these notes a little weak though, which is too bad. I really like a lot of what he did in Repertoire.
Message: Posted by: Lior (Oct 31, 2019 03:51PM)
It's very good as everything Asi is publishing.