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Topic: I May Have Found THE GLUE
Message: Posted by: dduane (Oct 15, 2019 10:34AM)
505 Fabric Removable Adhesive Spray. Available at Joann's and fabric/quilt shops.

I have tried a lot of different glues and roughing sprays. This one is different and can be used in several ways. It dries non-sticky, and doesn't pickup much dirt. A diagonal line (use little) on a card will act as a rough card against any other card. You don't put 2 glued cards together. If you spray across all the surface of 2 cards, then they will glue much like rubber cement (good for making a double). Although the surface dries, and doesn't feel sticky, it still adheres very strong against another card. It seems to last for a lot of repeated use. A diagonal (number to number) 1/2 inch wide strip is great for NFW-like effects. You can still do an Elmsley count, since you are not pressing on the glue section. After a little pressure, the cards stay together really well. It's not removable like Z-Glue (which used to be my favorite), but it seems to work much better. Cards stay together really well. but because of the diagonal glue strip, they come apart very easily.

This was very wordy, but I just had to post -- I'm very excited about this find.

Message: Posted by: dduane (Oct 15, 2019 10:51AM)
Just to clarify... When I said it's not removable like Z-Glue, that is, I didn't think you could rub it off the card. I have since tried rubbing it off with a "Magic Rub" eraser, and dang if it doesn't come off very clean. So, now I like this even better!
Message: Posted by: Tom G (Oct 15, 2019 08:33PM)
So does it dry really clear, or does it dull the shine where it's applied?
Message: Posted by: merlin5150 II (Oct 16, 2019 08:36AM)
Thanks for the information!

Message: Posted by: dduane (Oct 16, 2019 12:16PM)
It does dull the shine. After using this, I find that you need at least half the card covered, or it loses it's sticky after a while. Also, it does pick up some dirt in time. Zig GLue might be better in some cases. The difference with this glue is that it doesn't feel sticky, but responds to pressure. Also, it can be used as a roughing application that is unique in that only one surface needs to be coated for the cards to move together. It might be better than rubber cement for making a double.

Here's another hint with glue. If you have a need to temporarily stick cards or coins to yourself (palm, forehead, etc.), Eileen's "tack it over and over" glue is awesome. It doesn't show and is very strong.

Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Oct 18, 2019 12:35AM)
Good source Joanns. Lots of other fabric mounting glues to try out.
Message: Posted by: egoli (Oct 18, 2019 08:16AM)
[quote]On Oct 17, 2019, countrymaven wrote:
Good source Joanns. Lots of other fabric mounting glues to try out. [/quote]

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