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Topic: Axtell Board Drawings
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 21, 2019 05:04PM)
I'm not a good drawing. I have one of Axtell Programmable Drawing Boards. Does anyone know if there is a site that shows drawings that can be placed on Axtell Drawing Boards? That will be an easy way to help me practice draw different faces.
Message: Posted by: bobinsdakota (Oct 21, 2019 07:13PM)
Maybe this will help....I plan to get one of these as well at some point.

Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 22, 2019 12:18AM)
Yes, that is it Bob. Thanks a million.

I am going to be sure you will enjoy it when you purchase it. I did several family shows already. The adults are amazed as much as the kids. I am not a professional with my drawings and comedy yet, but everyone still gets a kick out of it.

Yes, it does cost a lot but it will pay itself off. One way is by putting clippings of you performing it on Youtube. Another way is the guest at the party will be eager to call you to their party because of the entertainment.
Message: Posted by: axtell (Oct 31, 2019 03:57AM)
More drawings here... http://www.axtell.com/mdbdraw.html

I love seeing all the different routines magicians create with the Hands-Free Magic Drawing Board... crazy good ideas! We can do custom recordings too if you need music, songs or voices for the drawing. Ax