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Topic: Trip to London. What to do?
Message: Posted by: antmills (Oct 26, 2019 12:50PM)
Slightly random question for this group but I couldn’t find a different one to put it in....

I’m going to be in London for a free day in a couple of weeks and was hoping someone could recommend some places to visit of Magical Interest? Obviously a trip to Davenports is a must but is there anything/where else anyone can suggest?

Message: Posted by: balducci (Oct 27, 2019 02:28PM)
When I was in London a few years ago, I stumbled on a little place that put on close-up magic shows, featuring visiting magicians. They were held in the basement, down secret stairs behind a bookcase that swung out. There was a bar / Café upstairs. I'm not sure if they still do magic shows, but you can give them a call when you are in town (or call ahead) and find out.


And some of these events may also be of interest:

Message: Posted by: motown (Oct 27, 2019 11:19PM)
The Tate Modern, very magical.
Message: Posted by: Topper2 (Oct 28, 2019 06:13PM)
In the good old days we could have recommended you pay a visit to Davenport's by the British Museum (you'd have to skip the Museum - too much else to do and not enough time), then on to Harry Stanley's in Brewer Street, Oscar Oswald's 'Emporium' was a short walk away, then on to Baker Street to visit Inzani-Henley, of course you musn't miss Ron Macmillan's, before winding up at Ken Brooke's in Wardour Street. After that there'd be no time left for Gamages Magic Department, or Hamley's down in the basement, or Repro Magic, or Allan Allan's in Southamton Row, or what about that shop in Tottenham Court Road or..... Well you get my point, things just ain't what they used to be. Sad really.

You could check whether there's anything at the Magic Circle open for a visitor, but I suppose that would need to be on a Monday.

By the way, as to the Tate Modern, modern art represents a crime against humanity in my opinion!!
Message: Posted by: tommy (Oct 28, 2019 09:59PM)
Message: Posted by: Josh Riel (Oct 31, 2019 07:45PM)
You MUST go to the British museum, ask when they're going to return all the stuff they stole, then do a watch steal and run away screaming "this is going to my country's museum forever!" They can't by law stop you.

Also, I have never been there and know nothing of their laws.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Nov 1, 2019 05:05AM)
White man speaks with a forked tongue.