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Topic: CubeSmith - The Best Buy
Message: Posted by: ursmagicbalu (Oct 29, 2019 08:59AM)
Hi Folks,

I am with the app for more than 9+ months. One of THE THE THE BEST app I have came across in my 30+ years magic experience.

The Creator Benke Smith is making the app more and more powerful with regular updates. I recommend CUBESMITH and I assure this would be ur best buy and wont regret for buying.

Details here

Message: Posted by: ursmagicbalu (Oct 29, 2019 09:05AM)
Feedback from CubeSmith users

"Benke has smashed the rubix cube genre into a new dimension, you literally need no cube experience to do miracles. Absolutely love this app!"
Kieron Johnson

"Often utility devices have 1, maybe 2, incredible applications...CubeSmith has 11! Best mentalism thinking the cube has ever seen!!"
John Hinton

"CubeSmith will change everything in cube magic. Actually do what you say and perform miracles. Benke thought of everything and delivered a product that will fit any performance style or routine you like."
Derek Hubb Irwin

"CubeSmith has opened a new dimension in Cube Magic."
Rune Carlsen

"Best Rubik’s Cube Trick of 2019"
Ed Hollingsworth

"Don't buy it! It's so awesome that I want to be the only one who owns it!"
Peter Neuthinger

"When it comes to the Rubik’s Cube, whether you want to perform feats of impossible skill, predict amazing outcomes, perform unbelievable magic or even just show a crazy coincidence, CubeSmith is the app you should invest in immediately."
Craig Raley

"CubeSmith is the James Bond of Rubik’s cube magic."
Michael Clark

"Best cube app on the market. This is Swiss-army knife of Rubik cube magic"
Scott Paton

"This is Rubik’s Cube magic on Steroids!"
Raj Tovar

"This app should be Best magic app of this year!"
Sarm Pittawat

"Since quite some time, I have been using only 4 Magic Apps on my phone. 3 of them are developed by Benke Smith... CubeSmith is on top of all 4! It's versatile, gives you a lot of options to play around, and the best of all... there is NO phone involved (as far as the spectator is concerned)!!! - making it the most organic set of effects. Kudos!"
Shankar Junior

"This app will be the most worthwhile investment I would ever pay for a magic app. For $110 it is obviously underpriced when considering the number of effects and features included in the app. Benke is the most thoughtful, creative, and considerate creator I have ever known."
Tanan Udomcharn

"Thank you Benke Smith for opening up so many more magical possibilities with CubeSmith!"
Balasubramanian Chandran

"This is the last cube utility you will ever buy"
Chris Lina

"Benke has gone and created a powerful tool that enables the performer a whole sequence of mind blowing effects using cubes."
Brian Role

"With CubeSmith you are no longer someone performing Rubik Cube tricks but a magician performing miracles to your audience and yourself. You can be blindfolded and still perform so many miracles with ease. This is as close to pure magic as it is possible to get. Well done Benke Smith CubeSmith for this absolutely amazing product."
Charlie Dent

"Cubesmith is the pinnacle of cubing magic apps. Bringing together new ideas and improved versions of all the recent releases, for all your magic cubing needs, this is your one stop shop."
Sirus Russell

"CubeSmith have revolutionized the power of Rubik’s Magic!"
Jeremy Pei

"This app let's you do the impossible"
Geoff Leech

"CubeSmith is a synonym for miracle! This is the most visual effect that you can do with a cube."
Gábor Németh

"I usually start my shows with that what they will see are just fine tricks because there are no real miracles. I dare not say that anymore. Thanks to CubeSmith for that..."
Sándor Galambos

"A brilliant method of a brilliant mind."
Roland Kaszányi

I own a number of Benke Smiths apps, Mental Painter, Card Detector, E.S.P. Test. All brilliant.
But CubeSmith is Out Of This World, This is Amazing Mentalism, why it even amazes me & I am performing it! The number of different routines is incredible & everyone of them are stunning beyond belief. This has got to be the winning app of 2019, and also magic trick.
Geoff Bairstow

I am not a cube guy but this app makes me look like I have years of experience. I love it and it is so customisable too!
Angelo Carbone
Message: Posted by: BenkeSmith (Oct 29, 2019 10:01AM)
Thanks Balu! :-) I hope that only a few people will read this before the release. ;-)