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Topic: Who is prof henri hargrave
Message: Posted by: sniper1 (May 27, 2004 05:28PM)
I need your help here guys . about 2 years ago I bought a book called dunningers encylopedia of magic .

in this book dunninger mentions a certain proffesor hargrave numerous times in relation to different illusions explained in the book . he bills him as the inventor of numerous wonderfull things and even some modern used principles like the stipper deck , coin catching wand, and he bill's him as a top magican of his era ,

in his book he is mentioned in narrative texts

example " it was mid summers eve when I went to long island to visit my old trusted friend prof hargrave , as soon as I rang the doorbell his usual butler came and showed me in . where in the study I found the proffesor himself sitting in a chair . he said to me how are you old timer and next thing I know was that he picked a foulard and after showing it empty he produced from under it a bowl of fire with the flames reaching 4ft high . ect ect , this is usually followed by the explaination of the trick and diagrams of the gimmicks involved

now my question is this ?
who is this prof hargrave
1 a fictius character invented by dunninger
or a real live person who lived in our world but left no traces of him apart from his ingenius principles and tricks

what I know is only his name and that he lived on long island , on the internet I coulnt find anything about him so if you have any information regarding this person . publication living relatives ect ect

please feel free to enlighten my mind