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Topic: Make good money doing street magic in L.A.? Can it be done?
Message: Posted by: magicmonkeyphoto (May 27, 2004 07:15PM)
I have talked to many different magicians about doing street magic in L.A. The bulk of them say that people out here are just not willing to pay. But, there are so many places that I see the same street performers doing music or acrobatics or things other than magic all the time. I would assume that they make good money, or perhaps they are just there to practice. I don't know. So, I guess my question is, is there anyone on here that has given it a real try, and made fairly consistantly good money for their time on the streets of L.A.? By good money, I mean at least $50 an hour on average.
Message: Posted by: magicswan (Jul 12, 2004 01:54AM)
You can perform on the bld. in hollywood, but you got to get out there early. & you have to deal with super heros & kids begging for change. the foot traffic is heavy, & there are way to many things going on, the museums & dancers & stuff, you got to keep it fast. the plus side is you don't need a permit. santa monica pier is good to, but you need a permit...last I checked, there were no magicians, that was in april. hope that helps
Message: Posted by: BradleyNott (Jul 12, 2004 04:10AM)
You can work Santa Monica Third Street Promenade if you can compete with the breakdancers and that guy painted in silver who does robot stuff.

I saw a guy there before, can't remember his name, but he was pretty good.

Visual is the key there. Street dancers get crowds because they are visual, there is music and they appeal to the senses...even if they suck, and they sometimes do.

If you can draw a crowd, and then go into something like a well-choreographed comedy audience member participation routine or somehow work the crowd some other way, then you will do well.

People in LA are curious. Tourists are as well. Entice people with strong and visual magic and you can compete with the street dancers and probably be a much bigger hit.

I can't think of many places in or around LA better than Third Street Promenade for a performer. It's clean, classy and friendly to street performers. Nuf said.

Good luck with your decision.
Message: Posted by: magicswan (Jul 12, 2004 07:20PM)
I don't know if I saw anybody who sucked on the prom. those guys bust a** , very hard working, they earn every penny ,it's not easy.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 12, 2004 07:31PM)
When Chris Capehart worked the Castle, he walked down to Hollywood and Highland,turned right a few hundred feet and started working around 11:00 am. He said it was "ripe" and he had some great hats.
Message: Posted by: prospero (Jul 12, 2004 08:25PM)
The Third Street Promenade, I agree, is one of the best places for street performing in L.A.
Message: Posted by: R2 (Jul 13, 2004 12:45AM)
Check out the comedy club area in Pasadena?...I made some nice change whilst the lines grew....A few of us spent a couple of days there last year....

No one bothered us and our efforts were appreciated....We dressed hip and contemporary.....