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Topic: 63 Up
Message: Posted by: landmark (Nov 19, 2019 05:22AM)
You may know of the great British director Michael Apted for his thrillers including the James Bond film [i]The World is Not Enough,[/i] or you may know him for his outstanding work with Sissy Spacek in the Academy Award-nominated [i]Coal Minerís Daughter,[/i] or his work with Jodie Foster in [i]Nell.[/i] But for many, Michael Aptedís greatest achievement was begun 56 years ago when he selected 14 British schoolchildren from different social and economic classes for the documentary called [i]7 Up[/i]. He subsequently chronicled their physical, emotional, social, and mental lives in ongoing 7-year installments. In a remarkable coup, Apted is now releasing [i]63 Up,[/i] and the 7-year-olds we met in 1964 are now all 63 years old.

I was lucky to interview Mr. Apted. You can listen here:

Message: Posted by: landmark (Nov 27, 2019 07:17PM)
Nice feature article on 63 Up and Michael Apted in The New York Times Magazine today: