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Topic: Euro scotch/soda: Tango or M.K.S?
Message: Posted by: caubeck (Dec 27, 2019 05:01AM)
Iím looking for a new Scotch and Soda in euros. Since Eddie Gibson has passed away, I feel I must either choose Tango or the much more expensive MKS version. Does anyone have experience with either that might help me choose?
Message: Posted by: Nev Blenk (Dec 27, 2019 07:29AM)
Can only speak for myself .... I had gaffs from MKS a year ago. Superb quality and Thierry is easy to deal with via email. Took about a month to arrive but it was a custom order and I wasnt't in a hurry.

Hope this helps

Cheers Nev
Message: Posted by: magikmax (Jan 20, 2020 10:06AM)
I would avoid Tango's Scotch & Soda like the plague. I've had three of them and none of them have been fit for purpose. I'm not saying that as a Tango hater either - the half dollar Copper, Silver, Brass set is great, as is the £2 TUC and Exp. half dollar [ I have, however the Scotch & Soda (which came from 2 different shops several years apart) were awful.
Message: Posted by: caubeck (Jan 20, 2020 10:21AM)
I donít usually trust Tango but I did pick up a 2Ä s/s with the intention of sending it straight back to Amazon if it looked awful. However, it is actually good enough. It has a very weak magnet but Iíve found advantages even in that, so Iím going to keep it. However, at the same time Iíve ordered a series of items from Kreis. Their customer service is second to none. The manager even went to the trouble of making a video for me of all the sets he had, gave me free shipping as a one-off and included a gift in the package. Kreis products are excellent and the prices are lower than Tango's. Iíve even bought a 50c-20c s/s from them that I have never seen on sale anywhere before. Itís all coming over from Japan so itíll take a week or so to arrive, but having seen what Iíve ordered in a video I am confident Iím going to be happy. In all Iím going to get four quality Euro gaffs for about twice as much as the Tango coin cost.