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Topic: Cups and Balls on Lefler table?
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Jan 6, 2020 11:46AM)
What are your experiences of performing Cups and Balls from the top of a Lefler Table? I really would like to only pack this table for my next show but I feel this would take away from the effect. There is so much coverage when you stand behind it and I feel that takes away from the mystery of the final loads. I could load a small child from behind that table. I would stand to the side from time to time to combat some of this. Also the height makes it difficult to see the balls from a seated position. I am using the Pro Suitcase Table-XL with 4 inch casters.

My gut is telling me to suck it up and pack my other table; but I am curious to what your experiences have been.
Message: Posted by: kcmagic1 (Jan 7, 2020 06:35AM)
I'm not sure that I would worry so much about the loads. I would worry more about your audience being able to see.
Message: Posted by: David French (Jan 7, 2020 12:44PM)
I have done a chop cup with on top of a small lefler table. The height of the table was 36 inches including the two inch wheels. I had a good experience with doing this. If folks are seated in chairs they can see the top. Also, the table itself does cover your body however most trade show workers work this way too. I actually discussed this very question with Paul Gertner. He uses a podium and does his cup and balls on top. The podium/lefler table is not an issue at all.

My only concern would be that your table seems to be several inches higher than mine was.

Hope this helps
Message: Posted by: David French (Jan 7, 2020 12:46PM)
Oh, to your point about the loads. Paul suggested that the audience just does not connect the fact that the loads are hidden in the podium on a shelf. They will sometimes bang the top of his surface to ensure there were no trap doors. But beyond that has not cause an issue for him. Nor me. I had my loads on the shelf inside the lefler table.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Jan 7, 2020 01:55PM)
Technically, Paul's routine probably needs the extra cover since it has big loads that talk and weigh a lot. I've only seen his C&B done seated.

Do you use the stock shelves or did you make some higher up? I would have to bend pretty low to hit my top shelf for a load. I normally use my coat pocket or a clothes pin bag strapped to the back of my belt.
Message: Posted by: David French (Jan 7, 2020 02:36PM)
Hi Chris -

I enjoy talking about real world logistics. So this is a great post for me to learn as well.

You make a good point with Paul's loads...

I have actually done both. Set the loads on the stock shelf at times and had a small box on the stock shelf to raise the loads up a bit. But if you are not using the shelf but rather your coat pocket or bag on your belt...won't be an issue.

FYI I recently started to use an instand for most my stand up shows. I have the extra shelf attached for my loads. Works for me.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 8, 2020 10:31AM)
It is an easy matter to just configure you table to your effect. There is nothing under the table top, so tack or screw with washers a piece of cloth so it hangs like a bag, so you can reach in quickly and obtain your loads. If you have the room you could even attach a shelf. I have things like my break-a-way wand, Duke's Die Version, and other long items I put in loops of cloth tacked under the top. Very easy to grab the items needed. If you like you can even make a removable shelf. It all depends on your craft ability.

If you worry about people thinking there are trap doors, why not just put cloth or close-up mat on top of the table before you start. There would be nothing wrong with mentioning to the audience, something like, for those of you that may thing my table has trap doors or holes, I will cover the table with this cloth, Show cloth, shake out and place on the table. Now for your enjoyment, here is one of the oldest trick magic with 3 cups and 3 balls, dating back to King Arthur's day, and some believe the cave man was 1st human to create magic with 3 stones.
Message: Posted by: John Martin (Jan 8, 2020 05:26PM)
Hereís a table that might interest you. Itís an Airturn mic stand with a table top and flange attached to it. Obviously the table top could be made to whatever size youíd want. This one is 14 in X 14 in and fits nicely into my small Lefler table. The stand is light weight and closes to 18 in and fits into the table as well. It serves me well as a nice side table.


Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Jan 9, 2020 12:10PM)
Here is the height difference I am working with. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to hold two lemons in one hand at the angle I am at. Normally the back of my hand would be showing but at this height the best I can do is having my hand pointing right at them. A single load is fine, though. Unfortunately I have to dip the cup below table level to load one from the double to keep from flashing. I am not a fan of cups going out of view or swinging far to your side or to a pouch.

I normally perform C&B with the table to the right. I have a Kozmo servante on the back of it that does cover me some but there is enough windows to give the appearance of openness.

John, I have contemplated that. I know they make a lefler tabletop that is the same size as one of the shelves so it travels inside. Looks like the mic stand option is half the price of the base they offer. I am used to banging on my table a lot, curious to how I would feel having to be more delicate. Great option to have, though. And it can be used for other things.
Message: Posted by: David French (Jan 10, 2020 09:48AM)
Hi Chris -

In looking at your picture, I agree with you the Suitcase table is too large and high. I would stick with the smaller table. Curious however, why you need the servant on the smaller table if you load from your pockets. Michael Ammar uses a very thin table top and loads from his pockets too. I think the smaller/thinner the table the better. Even though I have had good experience with the chop cup on the top of my small Lefler table. I do tend to think the audience knows the loads are coming from that "big box"

I guess the best thing to do is try them both at multiple shows, you will then know what really works for you.
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Jan 10, 2020 10:15AM)
I don't load from the servante; I load from the pocket. It holds the props for the entire show. (If that is the only one I am using)
Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Jan 15, 2020 10:43AM)
[quote]On Jan 8, 2020, John Martin wrote:
Hereís a table that might interest you. Itís an Airturn mic stand with a table top and flange attached to it. Obviously the table top could be made to whatever size youíd want. This one is 14 in X 14 in and fits nicely into my small Lefler table. The stand is light weight and closes to 18 in and fits into the table as well. It serves me well as a nice side table.


John [/quote]


How stable is that base? I just purchased a 2-in-1 Shelf/Tabletop that fits in my Lefler table. I like to bang on my table while doing Cups and Balls.
Message: Posted by: John Martin (Jan 27, 2020 10:57AM)
Chris, it's pretty solid. Having said that I don't bang on mine. The flange that attaches to the bottom is quite small. My first attempt was to just screw the flange to the 3/8 birch ply I had for the table top. A kid leaned on it when I was using it for walk around and broke off the flange. Now I have bolted the flange [b]through[/b] the table top and it seems much strong. For your purpose, you made need a thicker piece of wood. Perhaps 1/2 or 3/4. one last thought. This is after all a microphone stand. In my picture I only have the bottom extensions opened. There are one or two more sections and each one is smaller in diameter and less stable the more they are extended.
Hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Jan 27, 2020 11:34PM)
Used my old Lefler Table for years strolling different restaurants and bars (3-4 a week) and I never had a problem with cups and balls or chop cups. At least I was never questioned about where the loads came from.
Message: Posted by: pattrick (Jan 30, 2020 07:03AM)
I have a Lefler Table I bought from Joe 30 years ago and still going strong. I made a Mat with cutouts for the latches that fits inside the shelf for easy transport. Also the outer material of the box is Velcro friendly so I can attach a servante anytime as well. Attaching it under the top doesnít work as well in my tests. I also attached a servante to the mat for easy use. Itís a great workhorse.