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Topic: Double backed 1 dollar bills
Message: Posted by: James927 (Feb 10, 2020 02:36PM)
Well, I guess it's either a sign of getting old or having a magic drawer that's too deep. Or maybe it's a new trick - "The Disappearing Memory".

I just pulled out a couple of double backed 1 dollar bills (glued together with backs facing out) and am trying to remember what DVD has an effect that uses these. (Or maybe a Penguin lecture?) Thanks for any help you can provide.

Message: Posted by: James927 (Feb 14, 2020 05:54PM)
Is there a more appropriate place to ask this question?
Message: Posted by: John Long (Feb 14, 2020 08:40PM)
Can you describe the effect you are remembering? or are you talking of a DVD devoted to many such effects?

On another post Bill Hegbli posted that he had done an effect with them.

I think I only saw 1 demo (just 1 effect) that I assumed that it used double sided bills. If I remember, it was focused on the orientation of the bills (face-up or face-down). If that "rings a bell", let me know and I'll hunt for the source/author.

Message: Posted by: James927 (Feb 16, 2020 03:41PM)
Thanks John,

I don't remember the trick - I must have made these up over 5 years ago and then moved on to something else before I actually practiced the trick. Gregory Wilson comes to to mind though.
Message: Posted by: MagicPresident (Feb 16, 2020 04:35PM)
There is a trick called bend over bills that uses 5 bills, 2 of which are doubles.
Don't know the source.
Message: Posted by: James927 (Feb 16, 2020 09:31PM)
Thanks Magic President - I'll follow up on that lead.
Message: Posted by: padre rich (Feb 19, 2020 11:02PM)
YouTube. Brick Tilley The Giant's Magic Trick Tutorial Five Dollars...
Message: Posted by: padre rich (Feb 28, 2020 01:39PM)
Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSBpWal9StI sand the B sides of the bills to get the right feel and sound.use glue stick so you can position them correctly...