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Topic: Putting out a video
Message: Posted by: danfreed (Feb 11, 2020 10:52AM)
Hi folks. I've been thinking about putting out a video download for fellow kidshow performers. I'm not sure what the interest would be. It would be some combination of original material (puppets and magic) combined with lots of general advice on comedic performing - how to increase laughs per minutes, be a better actor, how to interact with kids, work the room, entertain the adults also, etc. I'd also have advice for balloon twisters on how to be funny and entertaining while doing balloons. There are plenty of videos that teach material, but most don't get into the nitty gritty of how to be a funnier, more engaging performer. Whaddaya think? Another option is just putting out a few shorter videos, such as teaching my original square circle routine - it kills, I close most shows with it. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: noland (Feb 11, 2020 02:38PM)
Speaking for myself, I enjoy seeing performance videos of experienced performers performing their best material. I actually don't care that much about the "teaching" parts--I find the performance speaks for itself. So I would welcome a good performance video.