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Topic: Which Coins should you use for Magic?
Message: Posted by: Rick Holcombe (Feb 12, 2020 08:20AM)
This is a common question when getting started with coin magic. I have good news for you! I lay out all of my thinking on the subject for you to make a more informed decision. Probably some advice you may never had considered before.

[youtube]96ypPs5bhBo[/youtube]<---PRESS FULL SCREEN
Message: Posted by: Wednesday (Jun 21, 2020 05:25AM)
Surprisingly this is a subject that's not talked about much but gets asked a lot.

The only point I'll add that doesn't get talked about as much is the availability of gaffs for which ever coins a magician chooses to be their props. I'll use walking liberties and barbers as an example. Both are half dollars and relatively old and silver. And for the most part, pretty similar in price. Usually barbers are pricey but not by much.

But the real hurdle people will face is regarding gaff availability between the two coins which then turns into a question of budget. For the most part, obtaining gaffs like an expanded shell, c/s coin, and let's say a flipper for a walking liberty is pretty easy. They're widely made by a lot of companies. And because of that they are relatively affordsable. On the other hand, barber gaffs have to be almost exclusively made as a custom order due to their inherit thinness and can rack up quite bill, especially if you order an expanded set.

All of this is assuming that this person cares about consistency in their coins or props between having like having clad Kennedy coins as their gaffed effects and silver liberties as their regular coins.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, try to future proof yourself when you're shopping around for coins with some extra considerations.
Message: Posted by: Rick Holcombe (Jun 21, 2020 07:06AM)
Great points! Thank you.
Message: Posted by: MultiSlacker (Jul 5, 2020 08:49PM)
Thank you, Rick for sharing the video! You made some excellent points. I just got a set of walking liberties and Ikes for the same reasons you mentioned. I like the feel of the silver and people really do become more interested when you have a unique object they've probably never seen.
Message: Posted by: ddtstore (Jul 29, 2020 02:35PM)
You can use bigger coins like half dollars or even quarters. Try and match it to your gimmicks as well, I use a lot of quarters but my hands are smaller.