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Topic: Mini Review: Damaged by David Stone
Message: Posted by: alexhui (Feb 13, 2020 11:24AM)
Here is my mini review posted on Instagram


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[Mini Review] In ‘Damaged’ by David Stone, the performer has a free selection signed and it is lost in the deck. A Joker is displayed and its corner is torn off. The Joker is then visually changed to the signed card and that torn corner also transformed and match the selection perfectly.⠀

The instruction comes as a video download. It is shot very casually in a hall but the video quality has no issue.⠀

Performance- 1:34⠀
Explanation- 7:16⠀
A Move- 2:27⠀

The instruction covers many details. However, the crucial move may be difficult for beginners to understand. The move itself is not an easy one and practice is a must. On the bright side, you can replace the move with you own.⠀

The routine structure is very economical and ends clean. However, delicate touch is needed. And you will destroy some cards every time you perform it. ⠀

All in all, the effect is very nice. With a lot of practice, you will have an astonishing visual quickie at your disposal. ⠀

Final Verdict: ☆8/10⠀

Hope you like it.

Alex Hui
Hong Kong