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Topic: Source for black paper bags / sacks
Message: Posted by: stevie c (Feb 28, 2020 02:24AM)
Hi everyone. I'm looking for a supplier of black paper bags for an effect I do. The important thing is that the inside has to be black too, which rules out all products found on a general internet search (from what I can see from extensive searching). The bags need to be fairly sturdy, and not too small.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be very happy.

Message: Posted by: ronzo (Mar 5, 2020 08:33PM)
Jampaper.com is a good source. Also a search on Amazon.com should bring results.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 8, 2020 12:02PM)
Paper bags have a number system as to size. Number 5 is about the size of a lunch bag, and a number 10 twice as large. Not many stores use paper bags anymore but some old Hardware stores still use them. You might visit a store and and talk to the manager, to find out what number size you desire. Maybe you can check the Internet and see if you can find bag size measurements as to what you need, and the corresponding number to search for. As for black, well, you may have to special order them being made for you. Do you want the rectangle bottom or flat across the bottom type of paper bag. You can get large sheets of paper from a craft store or teacher supply store, and make your own.