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Topic: Unintentionally freely available?
Message: Posted by: Fugitive Pope (Mar 9, 2020 09:19AM)
Disclaimer: I'm an uber-newbie.

Ok, I found an act in which I am interested that requires a gimmick that has to be built. In searching for where to purchase the directions on how to make the gimmick I've run across at least one site that sells the directions in the form of a booklet. At the same time in my searching I also found what appears to be an accidentally and freely available copy of the same booklet and an accompanying video. Given that the booklet has a stated copyright of 2019 (and as a librarian I know that neither copyright notice nor registration is required to hold copyright) and the magician talks about allowed uses in mentioning "The purchase of these design elements . . ." in the booklet. It appears that this meant to be sold and profited from by the creator which is a good thing IMHO.

So there's a whole slew of questions about this situation. My intention is to contact the creator and let her know about what's up. I suspect that this is a case of lax security in the web access (e.g., no robots.txt file in the directory).

Thoughts? I've got to think this isn't an uncommon occurrence.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Mar 13, 2020 04:04PM)
Not nearly as uncommon as you might imagine.

The fact is once a secret is sold it is no longer a secret. This is the part magicians just can't seem to comprehend. Secretes are meant to be kept, not sold as a commodity.

Once people purchase something it gives them certain rights. More than most imagine.

So it is way more complicated and common than you believe.