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Topic: Cards effects thru video conferencing
Message: Posted by: Brian Rappert (Mar 17, 2020 05:15AM)
Given the times we are living in, does anyone have suggestions for card (or other) effects that can be through video conferencing platforms (for instance, Zoom or Skype). I have recently begun performing live parlor-type shows through an Art Center where I live, but that sort of thing will not be happening for some months now. I still wanted to keep doing magic though, and maybe this is especially important now. Any suggestions out there for what might be done assuming each participant had a deck of cards of their own and you were able to give instructions and monitor them as a group? Tamariz, for instance, has a lovely effect called 'Go' and another called ‘Wisdom’ that can be done remotely by groups.
Message: Posted by: ALEXANDRE (Mar 29, 2020 09:01PM)
Dr Wendy Woo's Remote Viewing Experiment (eBook - link in signature)

Dr Wendy Woo's Remote Viewing Experiment V2 (Black Swan eBook - link in signature)

BRRR (Thomas Baxter - Not A Dianoetic Rage book)

Your Aces Are Marked (Big Blind Media Ultimate Self-Working Card Tricks)

Mental Yarn (Bill Goldman)

Tequila Hustler (Mark Elsdon)

Metal (Eric Jones first DVD, some good coin work there)

Mirabill (Bill Cushman)

Hands Off (Dobson)

Jim Steinmeyer's Impuzzibilities books

Look at all the stuff you already know/own, you'll be surprised at what you can convert to work under the conditions you want. It's an interesting mental exercise.
Message: Posted by: Lord Anacho (Mar 30, 2020 02:24AM)
Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz. An entire book on the subject
Message: Posted by: Brian Rappert (Apr 2, 2020 11:29AM)
Thanks Alexandre and Lord Anacho,

I was recommended Verbal Magic and I managed to get a copy. It is a wonderful resource. In recent days I did a couple of trial runs of an on-line act. It has been an thought provoking experience. It has underscored the difficultly of giving relatively unambiguous instructions to others, certainly.

Too, for some of the effects I used a webcam that focused only my hand movements when I gave instructions. In both sessions participants commented on the importance of ensuring my face was in the frame as well. One reason was because otherwise they could pay too much attention to the card manipulations. Another reason was because even though they realized I was not addressing them individually (given the size of the group), when they saw me looking into the camera it made them feel as if I was speaking to them individually. Without my face in the screen, people reported feeling disengaged much more quickly. This second point strikes me as interesting because its another kind of effect that the audience knows is fiction, but one that still affects them nevertheless.
Message: Posted by: Gennovense (Jun 13, 2020 11:35PM)
Check Adam Lacroix, besides that Camfubalation, Invisible Deck or B'Wave might be good options that instantly come to my mind.

Love Ritual by Woody Aragon!