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Topic: Reel Magic FREE WEEKEND!!
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Mar 18, 2020 08:06PM)
Hey gang,

With the world gone wacky right now my pal [b]Kozmo[/b] has decided to help you fill your time with something positive!

[i]Reel Magic Free Weekend[/i]

Hey Everybody,

Letís face it things suck right now SO starting noon on Friday the 20th weíre going to open up the [url=http://www.reelmagicmagazine.com]Reel Magic Site[/url] for [i]FREE[/i] until Sunday the 22nd at Midnight.

After youíre done if you like it and subscribe I will give you the first 2 months for [i]FREE[/i]. BUT if you cant do it that's fine. Enjoy the weekend, learn some magic and forget about all of this crap that's happening around us.
If you choose to subscribe email me and let me know its done.

Iím going to be around all weekend answering questions and helping you navigate the site.

[b]Hereís my email:[/b] kozmomagic@me.com

If you have any questions just ask I will be around all weekend

To access the site just go to

[url=http://www.reelmagicmagazine.com]reelmagicmagazine.com[/url] and log in using this info:

Username: corona
Password: lime


Hereís some more pertinent information that will improve your time on the site.

I want you to know there are 3 main areas to [b]Reel Magic[/b]:
[*]On Demand Issues: Every issue of Reel Magic. To navigate the players in Reel Magic simply take your cursor and put it over the PLAYLIST on the player.
[*]On Demand PLUS: This is where all additional content lives. Lectures, TNT's and more.
[*]The Marketplace: This is where you will get great deals on the hottest magic products.
I appreciate you and I'm here to help with anything you need.

Thanks -[b]Kozmo[/b]