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Topic: Another 'do you remember this book?'...
Message: Posted by: Indistinguishable (Mar 19, 2020 08:09PM)
Greetings - this seems to be the forum to post this. Most grateful if anyone could point me to a reference. About 5 years back I read or received online a PDF which contained some card tricks from (I guess) the early 1900s - it was part of a small pamphlet which seemed to be that age's equivalent of our 'life hacks'. I recall there was a recipe for making homemade moustache waxing solution, and there was some other personal-manicure tip. It might have been a pamphlet that came 'free' with some product. In amongst all the tips on moustache care etc were some card tricks, and if I recall something about using a Si Stebbins stack. Although I remember a fair bit about it - it's not information that is easily Google-able - so I'm hoping that it might ring t bell with someone. Any thoughts? (I recall that the original Stebbins brochure was sponsored by a cigar manufacturer - but it wasn't that one. Definitely there was some recipe for homemade moustache tonic or somesuch potion). Thanks all!