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Topic: Quaran-Time: pulling it all out and putting it all away.
Message: Posted by: Bill Wood (Mar 31, 2020 10:58AM)
I just wanted to write a little note about one of the few positives that has come from the current 'stay at home' situation most of us are embroiled in. Yesterday I unpacked all my tricks. Just like a little kid putting all their toys in a row, I spread all of my magic out in one glorious array. To be fair I'm a bit of a minimalist and tend to only hang onto tricks I actually use but I still ended up finding some gems that I forgot about. Since there are not many shows on the horizon I reorganized everything so that the props I use in shows are in 'deep storage' and the material I want to learn is now sitting right on top ready to grab and practice. I'm currently working on a variation of R. Paul Wilson's 'One True Ring' and the Vernet Salt pour. Has anyone else used this time for a good clean out? Have you found anything cool lurking in the depths?
Message: Posted by: mvmagic (Apr 26, 2020 04:45AM)
I took everything out for a good check-up. I use Promystic & Cesaral stuff in my shows so they always get the attention but this was the perfect time to get all the stuff out, throw things away, clean stuff and do some maintenance. For instance my Porper's Strong Box V2 was in non-working condition, but little WD40 fixed that right up.

I found Kennedy's Kinetic Crystal that I had forgotten about, the "important bit" being broken so that got fixed and now it works, though not sure if it ever sees an audience again. Found some Daryl's rope stuff I didn't know I have-or maybe my closet has a wormhole in it and someone is missing ropes... Found some Fantasio candles that are no longer with us. Was able to make about 20 full decks from my spare cards box and was left about a 1000 extra cards that are being prepped with Allen's perfect score to make life a bit easier in the future.

I like stuff being in boxes-and I have a thing for boxes & cases-so this was the perfect excuse to bet more boxes and get stuff a bit more organized.

I also realized I have some pretty props. My office is very much Star Wars stuff, only magic-related thing on display being Frank (T-Rex from Copperfield's current Vegas show). So put up Master Prediction, some cups & balls and other stuff for us to enjoy-and others too in the future.
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Apr 26, 2020 06:37AM)
I'm not a worker, but more of your typical hobbyist / collector, and have found the down-time a silver lining of sorts. Like you Bill Wood, I've begun to take my props out of storage and line them up exactly like "a little kid putting all their toys in a row," and it's been like transporting myself back in time to simpler, more carefree times.

Of course my goal has not been to reminisce, but instead to take an accounting of what I can discard or sell. The problem I'm running into is the Mayneed syndrome...I may need this, I may need that. And the may need pile is always the highest. And I fully realize that in my situation as a hobbyist, I don't "need" any of it. But I guess I need to know that I have it.
Message: Posted by: Bill Wood (Apr 26, 2020 09:03AM)
MVMagic, I agree, I love when things in boxes safe and organized. My tidying uncovered some broken coins that need a little rubber upgrade, nice to get everything folding and flipping as it should.

Wizard of Oz I hear you on the Mayneed front. I can walk through a dollar store and leave with a basket of stuff that 'could be a magic trick', but after years of looking into my storage and finding strange bits of string and half baked ideas that didn't end up working I decided to keep everything I use and get rid of the rest...and I only regret getting rid of "The Thing". The rest is gone to the wind and I never think about it.

I read Mary Kondo's "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" it's not for everyone but for me it really works. Also some times I remind myself that all I really need are a deck of cards, rope/scissors, a few coins and a paper bag and I can do a pretty good show....That said I've got a lovely set of copper cups I don't use and a leather cone from 'The Ambitious Card' that sit in my living room looking real cool.... Who am I kidding, one day I'll have a magic library/den filled with old magic posters and props just like a normal magician.
Message: Posted by: Russo (Apr 26, 2020 04:01PM)
As an ad'vocation, Did 1000s' of Stage Shows, on platform,and multiple Living Room Shows with my Wife - married '63' years - my Wonderful Wife- peacefully passed away 10/04/19. NOW, like above - what am I to do with ALL the stuff/effects - Save what I did/could do as a single ?? Even though she passed so peacefully - being there in the ICU - her mind was sharp, bright, just infected torso- with a sparkle in her eyes a slight smile, she went into our Lords Arms. Sorry to ramble - isolated - it's grieving therapy - I am OK -JUST MISS HER. rr
Message: Posted by: Bill Wood (Apr 27, 2020 05:59AM)
Dear Russo,

My deep condolences and thank you for sharing, I wouldn't call this a ramble, more like genuine humanness. I think most of us feel very strongly about our props not because of how much we spent on them or how cool they look but because of the deep emotions linked to magic, performance and by extension the things we use in our magic act. I was just saying to my husband the other day about a new affect "This one feels like it's part of the act, like I found a part of myself that was sort of missing". Now that might sound a bit silly to say about a new cup and ball routine but I meant it. This connection to the things is probably why so many of us have trunks and trunks of stuff. My act, and magic in general, is very personal, my act has taken me places, helped me share laughter and wonder with many people, my act is an expression of me. When I do magic I feel proud, cool, like I'm doing something good in the world.

It must have been very special to have a partner in both life and performance with whom you could share all the beauty and wonder magic can bring. You described her as having a sharp mind and a sparkle in her eye, if those aren't the two main tools of a magician I don't know what are.

If you'll allow me to say.... I think it is brave to love deeply because the depth of our love matches the depth of our sadness. I've heard that grief is both universal and personal. There are some universal stages that most folks go through and at the same time each person finds their own path through the woods. I'd say trust your heart, each day do what feels good, some days that'll be watching TV and other days that'll be digging through old memories. Be alone when you need to and reach out to community when it feels right. Trust your heart, take care of it.

I know as a young magician I was always fascinated by 'the old guys' and their years of secrets. If you end up going through props and stuff know that when it gets into the hands of a new magician they will probably treat it like a treasure. Also when you're ready maybe you'll find a new act in and amongst the old. It'll be different, it'll probably honor your love of your wife and of magic.

I hope it was ok for me to chime in on this, I hope I didn't over step. I was moved to express solidarity in human hard ship, this is a tough time in the world. We'll get through it.