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Topic: Modern Stunt Ideas
Message: Posted by: d.jodoin88 (Apr 9, 2020 10:31PM)
Hi everyone :) Hope you doing great in these weird days!

I'm in magic since 12 years. I got an interested on the STUNT stuff when Luis de Matos release is DVD set. In fact, I know you can't learn all from a DVD of course. So I do my homework.

I get some good reference on the business about the ''real'' stuff or it's seems real.

Swami Mantra
Todd Robbins: SideShows and of course the video of all the beginning of it; so cool to see!
Thomas Medina
Dan Sperry
Sean Fields with his trilogy
I did some research about the Human Blockhead with Brian Brushwood. Started with a soft tissue and now I'm praticing with a nail.
Justin Flom do something pretty awesome with a spectator where she swallow a cutton and he remove it from her skin (magic trick), but I love the concept

On my part, I do the walking on broken glass stunt and I love the reaction I get from spectators. When I do this stuff on my show, the energy from the public is so different. And that's what I love about magic. Is to make my public live different emotions !

I want more effect. Something more modern. I saw David Blaine take a nail, with a handcuff and Slam it into a block of wood (Do you think he's just doing it, or it's a trick ??)

It's cool, it's modern. Do you have ideas or do you have other reference to help me on my processus !

Thanks a lot guyz (Frenc my first language)
Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Apr 11, 2020 06:10AM)
Hate to say it but the nail through wood by hand is an old trick - along with other feats of strength including tearing an apple in half or tearing a deck of cards or phone book (cards these days - not seen a yellow pages for a long time! - or a white pages for the Americans).

What do you perform from Swami Mantra?
Message: Posted by: d.jodoin88 (Apr 12, 2020 07:46PM)
Thanks for the reply Dave_Matkin

In fact, I get swami mantra, cause a friend of mine told me that the technique of Eating Glass was on it. I speak with another performer who did this stunt from alomost 30 years and he discourage me to do it. He said the dentist won't love you from that. And there's some risk.

I will read again this book for sure. what's about you !?

And what's the reference for the strengh skills of the wood by hands ??

Thnaks again !