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Topic: Illusionworks?
Message: Posted by: Obviously (Apr 13, 2020 10:33PM)
Has anyone heard from Scott Jenkins or Joe Porper at Illusionworks? I don't know if they have been able to remain open during the virus thing.
It probably wasn't the best time to have placed an order without checking first. Hope they are OK.
Message: Posted by: scottjenkins (Apr 16, 2020 01:34AM)
I'm still here! Best to try a Direct Message so I get it. Also it's easy to message me from the Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/illusionworkshop/

Message: Posted by: Obviously (May 11, 2020 04:29PM)
Just a quick follow up. Illusion Works IS happening, and continues to produce some wonderfully high quality items in the Porper tradition.
I was very pleased with the products I purchased, and would recommend getting in touch with Scott Jenkins about what else is in the "Works".