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Topic: Jumbo Vanishing Deck of Cards
Message: Posted by: Daniel Ulzen (Apr 17, 2020 07:31AM)

does anybody know a dealer who sells a jumbo-version of the trick Vanishing Deck of Cards?

The magician puts a deck of cards in a black box and suddenly the deck of cards is gone.

You can see this trick here at 7 minutes 24 seconds:


Thanx in advance.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Apr 17, 2020 10:26PM)
Hello Daniel

We have a nice wooden Jumbo version of this trick. Unfortunately, it was acquired several years ago and the accompanying instruction sheet doesn't have the manufacturer's name, nor the dealer's name. There is a little pen & ink type sketch of a palm tree at the bottom or the instructions...'hope this helps a little bit.

Message: Posted by: Daniel Ulzen (Apr 18, 2020 05:20AM)
Thank you for your help Julie!

Right now I do not know when I would like to buy the trick so if anybody would have a link to a dealer who sells a new version of that trick that would be interesting too.
Message: Posted by: magic1977 (May 30, 2020 01:42PM)
David Ginn has them on sale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8v5Vwvjs7k&feature=youtu.be
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Jun 12, 2020 02:10AM)
You could make one yourself from thin basswood and a box of jumbo cards, but for $15, you can't beat David Ginn's deal: https://www.ginnmagic.org/product/jumbo-vanishing-deck/