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Topic: PSYCH ARTIST by COLIN MCLEOD — Final 48 hours introductory sale!
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Apr 21, 2020 12:08PM)
Hey gang,

Just a quick heads-up here...


Ladies and gentleman,

Just 7 days ago [b]Colin McLeod[/b] launched his brand new project [url=https://www.psych-artist.com]Psych-Artist.com[/url].

For the first time in 10 years, Colin is sharing the thinking and material from his repertoire that has led to his global success.

The response has been astounding!


[b]Drew Backenstoss[/b] - “[i]Quite simply this is one of the best investments I've made in the last year or two[/i]”

Read his full review on The Magic Café® by [url=https://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=712111&forum=218]Clicking Here![/url]

[b]David Thiel[/b] - “[i]This is THE no-kidding BEST set of routines I have ever seen[/i]”
(Read his full review on The Magic Café® [url=https://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=712039&forum=15]HERE![/url] (13th post down.)

[b]Eric Samuels[/b] - “[i]Colin's new series of video downloads the bar has been raised, yet again, and I can't help but recognize a few things:

First, this is real-world stuff, tried and tested with more hours in front of paying audiences than the vast majority of those of us in this game can claim.

Second, the nuance and subtlety in his thinking has kicked up at least another couple of notches. You not only get the ‘beats’, but an explanation as to why they are where they are.

Finally, it's rare to find someone who can both 'do' and ‘teach’. Colin has provided us with the perfect balance of content and analysis in these downloads. And the video presentations leave little off the table. He shows, in just the right amount of detail, everything you need to know, from the construction of items to some of the potential pitfalls that he's learned from trial and error. This is masterclass stuff. And considering the true value of these routines for anyone - pro or weekend warrior - this may well be the single greatest thing I've bought in a decade[/i]”

[b]Lance Nicola[/b] - “[i]I bought last night¦ Very well explained and such a solid method. Looking forward to learning all of these routines and trying to make them my own. What a great price as well[/i]”

[b]Neil Katz[/b] - “[i]Very diabolical. I love it![/i]”

[b]Scott Paton[/b] - “[i]His style and material is FANTASTIC. Well worth buying[/i]”

[b]Lars Anderson[/b] - “[i]These four videos are superb. They set a whole new standard for instructional videos, with actual clips from various real shows (i.e. no pipe dreams). My only regret with these routines is they are so perfect and well thought out, that I will have a real hard time creating my own presentation instead of just presenting it like Colin is[/i]”

[b]Aidan O’ Sullivan[/b] - “[i]Colin is without a doubt one of, if not THE greatest working Mentalists in the world today. There is nothing about the performance of Mentalism that Colin doesn’t know and the material shared here is world-class. Do your Mentalism a favor and pick up as much as you can immediately. You won’t be disappointed[/i]”

[b]Justin Lewis[/b] - “[i]I’ve watched Force-Sight and it’s brilliant with updated info and impactful subtleties that make the In-depth downloads feel perfect! If the other three downloads are as great as this one, which I hear they are, then this is a very good deal![/i]”

[b]Joshua Quinn[/b] - “[i]I'm enough of a fan of Colin's work that I got the whole package. I've watched Force-Sight so far, and it is frankly stellar. His new mechanical twists on a simple prop we all know and love are ingenious by themselves, but the real gold is seeing the mileage he then gets out of it. The structure, the subtleties, and how he maximizes the revelations. And that information can be applied to lots of other props and techniques. Five stars![/i]”

… head to [url=https://www.psych-artist.com]Psych-Artist.com[/url] [i]immediately[/i] to capitalize on this amazing offer — The entire package for less than half the price!

Furthermore, if you invest in them in the next 48 hours you’ll also receive:
[*]Colin’s ‘Tossed Out Deck’ routine completely free.
[*]You’ll then be a part of Colin’s webinar dissecting the material and having your questions answered.
[*]Finally, you’ll receive Colin’s follow up download, ‘The Structure’ where Colin will teach you exactly how he pieces together acts using only this material as the example.

[url=https://www.psych-artist.com]Psych-Artist.com[/url] is also filled with essays and ideas that will lead to a plethora of thinking and analysis of your own work.

He has already shared thinking on:

His time on [i]America’s Got Talent[/i]: [url=https://www.psych-artist.com/blog-1/-got-talent]Click Here![/url]

[i]The future of mentalism[/i]: [url=https://www.psych-artist.com/blog-1/l5kx33k9lahb4aedrng7wda2gazs2a]Click Here![/url]

[i]Creativity[/i]: [url=https://www.psych-artist.com/blog-1/buffering-part-1]Click Here![/url]

… with more being added every few days.

Check it out, interact and learn from one of the greatest thinkers and performers of mentalism of our generation.