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Topic: Sale at Patt's Matt's...
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Apr 27, 2020 02:54PM)
Hey gang,

Spoke with my pal Pattrick who makes the best custom close-up mats in the world!

This whole Quarantine thing must be getting to him. He's been in-house for 19 days and wants to give everyone 19% off their purchasesuntil the end of April. Who are we to argue. :)

Patt makes every type of matt imaginable and then some!

Don't have a close-up mat? If you perform close-up magic you really should and Pattrick makes the best bar none!

Here are just a few...




You can check all these and more by [url=https://www.pattricksmagic.com/store]Clicking Here![/url]

While you are there don't forget to browse thru Patt's [url=https://www.pattricksmagic.com/celebrity-photo-gallery]Celebrity Gallery[/url] showcasing a number of custom mat's!




[url=https://www.pattricksmagic.com/store]Patt's Matt's[/url]