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Topic: Anyone know what this trick is???
Message: Posted by: Scott Kahn (May 2, 2020 07:54PM)
About a year or so ago, I remember reading a post here about a bill trick someone did for David Copperfield and Chris Kenner at MAGIC Live. It was a real fooler. Anyone remember what this effect was and who did it?
Message: Posted by: jdub (Jul 4, 2020 08:02PM)
Any details about the trick?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Aug 6, 2020 05:23PM)
Chris Kenner is involved with the Theory 11 website. If a magician was showing them a bill trick, then he may have been trying to get the trick published on Theory 11 website, it would not hurt to check out their website, maybe it was published.