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Topic: Master Payne in Girl Genius
Message: Posted by: Payne (Jun 4, 2004 11:40PM)
I make my debut appearance in the latest issue of the comic book "Girl Genius" (issue #11) available at all finer comic book shops around the country.
I now get to take my place besides besides such other luminaries as Blackstone Sr. and Rudy Colby's Lab Man as magicians who have appeared as comic book characters.
Message: Posted by: Wayne Hackler (Jun 5, 2004 09:56PM)
Congratulations! How is that for notoriety! I'm gonna buy a copy for nostalgic purposes.
Message: Posted by: jwebyra (Jun 7, 2004 02:47PM)
Do also appear in issues #12, 13.
Message: Posted by: Payne (Jun 7, 2004 11:45PM)
On 2004-06-07 15:47, jwebyra wrote:
Do also appear in issues #12, 13.

I am at least in #12 (with a wonderful full page graphic that I'm hoping will make a nifty poster for future shows) and maybe into #13 and #14. Phil and Kaja are still writing those issues and they have yet to do me in so I might be around for a wee bit, who knows.
Even my lovely wife Marie will be making an appearence by my side in #12 as well.
Message: Posted by: jwebyra (Jun 9, 2004 09:15AM)
Okay I ordered issuses #11, 12. I can't wait to read issue #11 when it comes in next week.