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Topic: Difference between sets
Message: Posted by: griz326 (May 7, 2020 12:14PM)
I'm curious about the differences between coin sets. This is a FUNCTION rather than a Quality question.
I own a Lassen TTGF (but it was lost in the house during a clean for company project :( ); I also own a Triple TUC.


* TT
* Triple TUC
* 3CM
* Come Fly with Me

Are these sets essentially the same NET effect for the audience?

Do these sets essentially HANDLE the same way for the coin worker?

I'd give my eye teeth to find my TTGF. It was in a leather purse so I doubt that it landed in trash, but where did it land?
Message: Posted by: inigmntoya (May 7, 2020 01:21PM)
Ouch! Sorry for your missing TTGF. Hope it turns up.

Separate from function and quality, there's also the question of originality. If you care about such things, the 3CM is a knockoff of Lassen's TT.

Are these sets essentially the same NET effect for the audience?

Sorry, but your question doesn't make sense.
They are tools not effects. Tools that are gimmicked in ways the audience should never know about.
Can they be used to create similar effects for an audience? Possibly.
Which effects are you referring to? Some effects are better suited to one vs another.
Again, they are tools. There is no specific TT/Triple TUC/3CM effect.
There's a whole book of stuff with things you can do with a TT. (60 routines - https://triplethreatmasterworks.wordpress.com/)
CFWM was sold with a particular routine (as was U3F which you didn't mention), but there are many 3-fly variants, including totally gaff-less versions,

Due to mechanical differences there's going to be differences in handling.
Some may prefer the handling of one gimmick over the other.
Of the ones mentioned, the 3TUC is the most different of them.
Along with features some see as positive, it includes a part that presents some "edge-on" angle problems, as well as some issues if set on a table/mat next to a normal coin.
I sold the (not Triple) TUC I have because of that. Others have no issues with it.
Because it's a clone/knockoff, the 3CM should handle similarly to a TT, but since you've had a TTGF, and Todd is the originator, it's probably best to just get a TT (or another TTGF if you can find one).
Message: Posted by: griz326 (May 7, 2020 02:50PM)
I did not mean to equate the apparatus with the effect; my bad (really hate that expression ;) ). When I worked in a magic shop, I looked at sets as "tricks" for the buyers and utility apparatus as tools; clearly a set can be deconstructed into its component parts.

>>>...there's also the question of originality.

I deliberately avoided that. It could be argued that Bobo first suggested the triple threat, just lacked the technology to execute it. Hell, I see what was my signature effect in '85 being written about as new thinking in 2020. I don't want an ulcer thinking about it :) ...and it's not worth pooling bad blood.

The reason for the question is that I'm planning on working with dollar coins and need to repurchase some sets of apparatus. What I'd give for a Lassen Cerberus set to show up! I'm not fond of the Vanishing Inc set (Neighbors wrote it is not a knock-off, but rather independently developed).

Because I'm doing magic for me, I prefer working with the finest apparatus, just as I prefer fine firearms and single malts. Hell, I'd work with gold coins was they not so heavy ;)

I truly mourn the disappearance of my TTGF :(