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Topic: Magic Review: The Stack Watch by Peter Turner and Ellusionist
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (May 8, 2020 05:40PM)
I bought this with my own money for an honest and factual review


Mnemonica is without a doubt, one of the strongest, most incredible tools in magic. There's a reason Blaine's TV and private performances contain a lot of mem-deck stuff...

What time is it? What position is the 5 of clubs in mnemonica? One quick glance at your watch during performance can tell you both pieces of information. THE STACK WATCH is the world's first wearable for stack work in card magic. A covert, must-wear device for deciphering a stacked deck... Dynamically tracking the ever-changing position of every card in a mixed deck.

How is this better than just LEARNING Mnemonica?

Well, the bezel silently surf's around the dial and is completely bidirectional. This means now you have the ability to track the deck's order .... even if it's cut.

Something, up until now, only the most skilled memory-workers could master. Hand the deck to a spectator and LET THEM cut it ... and cut it again ... and cut it again. How could you possibly know the order? Now slip into the most perfect - test conditions Any Card to Any Number.

That's possible with the stack watch

This isn't a gimmick. The word gimmick suggests it's cheap, disposable and into minute 14 of it's 15 minutes of fame. The stack watch is a utility timepiece. A tactical decoder that just happens to be hidden on a high-quality watch. No expense spared. The black steel band secures a Japanese movement timepiece powered by a quartz ultra SL68 movement. No software updates and no pairing.

Here is what real world people are saying ....

"Right out of the box this thing is tough!! Itís heavy and just built to last so long. My dads really into watches and he was blown away at the quality of what he called a ďMagic propĒ! He said he would buy 2 just for quality alone!"

"Being a watch guy. I was quite impressed with the watch and design."

"I'll be wearing this daily and the beauty is I'm always ready to perform."

"The teachings on the videos by Pete are outstanding; plenty of golden nuggets here and there. If you've done stack effects for a long time, buy it as well, because this is a wonderful safety net in case you do any wrong calculations and you will definitely learn something new from Pete's subtleties."

"Great watch, great quality. The teaching is spot. The watch is built tough. I however opted for a leather band and switched mine to leather. Being a watch guy made it easy."


* I own the Menominca book and learned the stack BEFORE I bought the watch. I bought the watch as a crib and a peek to give me a safety net for my learning disorder.
Message: Posted by: Firestorm60 (May 13, 2020 07:00PM)
I purchased two watches one by mistake but donít regret it as the quality of the watch goes along way towards the expense of the trick and so does the tutorial video. I have used various stacks before but not this one so looking forward to seeing how it measures up. I agree it will be a good safety net as well as freeing up the mind for other things. Happy with my purchase
Message: Posted by: michaelpenkul (May 14, 2020 10:14PM)
Anyone else struggling like crazy to get these links off? I collect watches and I've never had this much difficulty trying to get a link off; I've been going at it for an hour and have basically chewed them up and still haven't been able to pull one off completely...
Message: Posted by: Trentonmatthew (Jul 5, 2020 11:01AM)
Can someone confirm that the watch does the Stack ACAAN calculation for you?
Message: Posted by: Magic Mark (Jul 14, 2020 05:06PM)
I received my Stack watch and I'm happy with everything except how easily the bezel turns. I understand it needs to be easy to turn but NOT this loose. Even a gentle bump against the bezel (say, by the edge of your coat pocket or the surface of your closeup mat) is all it takes to shift the bezel a degree or two, completely throwing off the alignment. It simply shouldn't be this easy to move.

Today I handled a friend's Stack watch and the bezel on his is definitely a bit snugger (not quite as easy to turn). I've reached out to Ellusionist to ask for an exchange.

Message: Posted by: michaelpenkul (Jul 20, 2020 08:29PM)
Just wanted to update my previous post; Ellusionist sent me a replacement watch and on this one, the links come off nice and easy, so I just had a faulty band.

Trenton - for the ACAAN you would move the chosen card on the bezel to the chosen number on the minute dial, and it will tell you where you need to cut, so yes it means no calculations needed. Ellusionist has some videos explaining how the watch works that would probably answer all your questions.
Message: Posted by: todsky (Aug 9, 2020 06:28AM)
Just received a bunch at my store. What a gorgeous watch! Not to mention the secret powers it possesses!