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Topic: Books by Allan Zola Kronzek - how good are these?
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (May 13, 2020 01:46AM)
I recently heard about two books by Allan Zola Kronzek that I've never come across previously or heard being recommended. They both sound quite good.

The first is: [i][b]A Book of Magic for Young Magicians: The Secrets of Alkazar[/b][/i].

The second is: [i][b]Grandpa Magic: 116 Easy Tricks, Amazing Brainteasers, and Simple Stunts to Wow the Grandkids[/b][/i]

Is anyone familiar with either of these, and could give some constructive comments about how good (or not) they are?

Message: Posted by: todsky (May 16, 2020 04:32PM)
I have taught a lot of magic to young beginner magicians, and gone though many beginner books, and The Secrets of Alakazar has always stood out for me. I think if I was to recommend one magic book for young beginners, this might be the one! Unlike most beginner books, it has a relatively small number of tricks, and each one is explained very thoroughly, with the accompanying philosophy and raison d'ętre.
Message: Posted by: Greg Kiefer (May 17, 2020 04:32PM)
“The Secrets of Alkazar” is a fantastic book for beginners. The tricks in the book are found in most beginning magic books. The difference in my opinion is the wizard (Alkazar) teaching the lessons of entertaining magic. He teaches and helps the student important nuances and intricacies of how to present tricks in a entertaining way. In a nutshell the wizard is teaching the student that the art of presentation is as much or more important than the trick itself. You can purchase this book from Conjuring Arts as an ebook. https://store.conjuringarts.org/product/the-secrets-of-alkazar-by-allan-kronzek-epub/
Message: Posted by: willtupper (May 17, 2020 08:43PM)
"The Secrets of Alkazar" is one of my all-time favorite books for beginners. In all honesty, I think it's the best beginner book out there (at least out of all I've discovered so far).

If you do get it, I would suggest getting the PRINT version. The ebook is fine. However, if I remember right, Mr. Kronzek lost the reprint rights to the original illustrations when they produced the ebook.

And, in my opinion, the originals do a better job of conveying what the magician is doing in each effect (although the illustrations in the ebook are quite well done, too).

Other than that, yeah. Can't recommend the book enough.

"Grandpa Magic" is a fun one, too. So well written, assembled, edited, designed. The effects are great, and the sheer *variety* of material makes it a valuable addition to one's library.

And it's also got a collection of puzzles and riddles, references to other books (LOVE it when a writer sources their material), and patter suggestions that make for such a successful collection.

I am a HUGE fan of Mr. Kronzek. If you're looking for ideas, inspiration for your own magic presentations, I'd also recommend his book on the Harry Potter universe: "The Sorcerer's Companion: A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter, Third Edition."

In it, he sources EVERY reference in the Harry Potter books. Even if it's not how you present *your* magic, it's a wonderful history "class in a book" that will surely spark some new ideas.

I am a huge, huge fan of Mr. Kronzek's work. I'll be grateful to what his books have provided me, as both a person and performer, forever.
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (May 18, 2020 01:32AM)
This is some terrific and very helpful feedback, thank you all.

If anyone wants to add to it, by all means do so, but I did want to express my appreciation for the comments posted so far.