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Topic: Gary Kurtz's coin trick
Message: Posted by: HIDE (Jun 5, 2004 10:03AM)
I'm looking for the literature of Gary Kurtz's trick that three coins change from silver to Chinese one by one and at once.

Curtis Kam performs the similar effect using the goblet in his DVD and it is so nice.

Could anyone teach me how to get the literatures of Gary's one?

Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Jun 5, 2004 10:12AM)
It is in Gary Kurtz book [i]Unexplainable Acts[/i] published by Kaufman and Greenberg as part of the routine called "Trio".

It is also in his [i]Creating Magic[/i] video published by A-1 Magicalmedia as part of the routine called "Misty Like a Dream".
Message: Posted by: Jason Wethington (Jun 5, 2004 10:29AM)
The change to Chinese coins isn't in the book. It is only on the video.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Jun 5, 2004 10:52AM)
Ah—you're right Jason—I got my memory confused it with Kurtz [i]Full Frontal Assault[/i] manuscript, he teaches a version of Chinese to silver coins at the end of that manuscript.
Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Jun 5, 2004 11:23AM)
Misty Like A Dream is on his video [i]Creating Magic[/i].
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Jun 5, 2004 06:17PM)

In all of the changes from silver to chinese that Gary Kurtz has in print, all three coins change at once. You might like his handling of Roth's "Purse and Glass" (no glass) titled "Penny Lane" in Richard's Almanac. There, the changes are one at a time, but not back again, and the overall effect is different from what you're asking about, I think.

I discussed this sort of thing with Gary back in the late 80's and he did do what you describe. However, at that time he was doing David Roth's Edge Grip handling of "Wildcoin". You can find this in "Expert Coin Magic". (the book)
Message: Posted by: Chris Toomey (Jun 5, 2004 10:24PM)
Since this is a thread about Kurtz coin tricks, I was wondering whether anyone knew where I could find Kurtz's handling of two copper one silver. It involves the use of two cards, and has the coins assembling one at a time under the cards, then some standard hand to hand transpotions, and ends with the two foreign coins under the cards. Thanks for any help.

PS. I was also wondering if anyone knew the name of this routine. Thanks alot.
Message: Posted by: LiquidSn (Jun 5, 2004 10:29PM)

that is "trio in three"

great piece of magic.

I think its in his book, but it is in his videos
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Jun 5, 2004 10:33PM)
I am pretty sure "Trio in Three" was not in his book, but was on his video "Lets get Flurious".
Message: Posted by: Darrin Cook (Jun 5, 2004 10:45PM)
I just got "Trio in Three" from his "Let's Get Flurious" video. Hocus Pocus magic shop was having a blowout, and I got it dirt cheap. I'm still practicing it, but plan on adding it to my repertoire. The structure of the routine is ingenious.
Message: Posted by: Chris Toomey (Jun 5, 2004 11:29PM)
Thanks a lot for the surprisingly quick response. I loved the trick from the first time I saw it performed expertly in the hands of fellow Café member Jason Wethington. It really is a great routine, and now I know where to get it. Thanks again.
Message: Posted by: HIDE (Jun 6, 2004 09:25AM)
Thak you for teaching me,
Mr.Dan Watkins and Jason Wethington.

I ordered the DVD "Creating Magic" from Magic Shop Today. Because I have only Unexplainable Acts and Lets get Flurious.

When he came to Japan, I took his lecture in Tokyo.
But he changed from close-up magician to mental magician. Thus I was not able to watch his "Misty Like a Dream". He showed only one trick to use coins(Coin through the table) in his act.

Hello Curtis: Long time is no see. and Thank you for teaching me the detail information. I'll check Richard's Almanac and Expert Coin Magic.
Message: Posted by: Jason Wethington (Jun 6, 2004 10:06AM)
You can see my handling of the effect over at http://www.sleightgeek.com. The video is called
"An old Routine of DA' MAN'S!" in the forum called video showcase. Doug Conn and I call Kurtz "Da Man" so it is a reference to that.
Message: Posted by: Dr.Fate (Jun 7, 2004 01:53PM)
I really enjoyed your handling Jason...nice.
Message: Posted by: HIDE (Jun 10, 2004 08:17AM)
Thank you all. I got the Creating Magic yesterday.

I visited http://www.sleightgeek.com after reading Mr.Wethington's comment.

But I lost my way, and I was not able to find it in that site.
Message: Posted by: Spydur (Jun 11, 2004 12:08PM)
Does anyone in here have Kurtz's "Live in London" tape? I hear that it has some amazing stuff on there. Thanks.

Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Jun 13, 2004 12:05AM)
Jason, I like your touches on the coin handlings. I actually made a new version of it today that I'm happy with, if you're interested pm me.
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Jun 13, 2004 07:17AM)
Reed Mc Clintock and John Shyrock both have handlings of trio in three using the copper silver brass gimmicks instead of the 2 copper 1 silver.. I havent seen reed's, but I have seen john's handling, which is very good... Im sure reed's is very good too...
Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Jun 13, 2004 10:56PM)
Iamslow, where are those routines published?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jun 14, 2004 01:36AM)
On 2004-06-05 23:33, Dan Watkins wrote:
I am pretty sure "Trio in Three" was not in his book, but was on his video "Lets get Flurious".

"Trio" is in the book.
"Trio in Three" is on the Video.

Two different effects.

Message: Posted by: davidmagic (Jun 14, 2004 09:41AM)
Kurtz's routine is superb. I developed a shorter version for the wham-bam-no-time for long routine moments. It uses a english penney s**** and a c/s coin.