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Topic: Question about Split Cards
Message: Posted by: ddtstore (May 14, 2020 05:21PM)
Hi All, I am very new.

Just wondering what split cards are used for. Not too bad at making them I just don't know any applications for them.
Message: Posted by: karnak (May 14, 2020 05:48PM)
Then why do you make them?
Message: Posted by: ddtstore (May 14, 2020 05:54PM)
I don't even know its a good question, I watched a yt video and someone somewhere said they were good gimmicks to make.

You're right though.

Could you help?
Message: Posted by: karnak (May 14, 2020 06:36PM)
There are vast numbers of applications for the various sorts of gaff cards that splitting allows you to make, limited only by your imagination.

Double facers, double backers, half-and-half cards (divided fronts or backs, horizontally or vertically or diagonally differentiated). You might just start by researching “gaff cards,” and see what the variants (and their possibilities) each have to offer.
Message: Posted by: Boomer (May 14, 2020 07:54PM)
That's a very good question actually. I've spent hours watching Marty Grams and others on how to make gaffs.

It's paid off. I'm able to create the card effects from MagicBob.