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Topic: FREE offer being made by Illuminati Magic!
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (May 16, 2020 02:35AM)
Hey gang,

I wanted to make you aware of a [b]FREE[/b] offer being made by [url=www.illuminati-magic.com][b]Illuminati Magic[/b][/url]

[i]The folks at Illuminati Magic have made all their App's [b]free[/b], in acknowledgement of the difficult times being experienced by the magic community.[/i]

I take my hat off to the people at Illuminati Magic, it never ceases to amaze me, the sense of community that we have in the magic fraternity.

Normally, Illuminati Magic charge over $400 for these Apps, so get them while you can.

The [b]FREE[/b] In-App Purchases include:
[*]Fully Configurable TOXIC Calculator.
[*]Integrated NFC Reader, using your iPhone.
[*]Inject Integration.
[*]Thermal Printer Integration.
[*]Prevision Integration.
[*]Faux Search Integration.
[*]Wireless Clock Integration.
[/list]Check out their latest trailer for their Second Sight product.


Download your [b]FREE[/b] Copy of the Unifi App from [url=http://apps.apple.com/us/app/unifi-thumper/id1406787289][b]here[/b].[/url]


On May 17 (10PM [b]EST[/b] / 7PM [b]PST[/b]) Illuminati Magic will also be presenting a [b]LIVE[/b] Webinar to cover the following topics:
[*]Using RFID / NFC to determine spectators selection.
[*]Using NFC as a switching mechanism for a spectators phone.
[*]Using TOXIC Calculator for Pre-Show Work.
[*]Using TOXIC Calculator for automating predictions.
[*]Integrating RFID / NFC with Inject.
[url=https://www.facebook.com/events/956434298121489/]Click [b]HERE[/b] to register for the [b]Free Webinar[/b][/url]